Southwest and Indian
These are impressive
The Brave is 36" Tall and
the Maiden is 34" Tall.  
We do not have the wolf
at this time.  (We are on
the lookout for a better
looking one)
S2787 Nurturing Wolves
Bisque $ 18.60
DH2688 Driftwood
w/Pawprint  Bisque
K2353 Western Village
K2354 Village People
Buffalo Light.  I only have
this one and its finished
as pictured $32.00
B3237 Wolf Scene
Ceramics In Michigan
P409 End of the
Trail 9" Tall   
Bisque $20.70
P634 Chief Joseph on
Horseback 14" Tall this is a
substantial piece ( the mold
weighs 115lbs)Bisque $36.30
Finished $72.00
P951  Soaring Eagle
Spirit Bisque $21.60
9 3/4" T
P545A&B Indian Chief
12"Tall Bisque $29.70
P776 Eagle Spirit
Dancer 12"T
Bisque $23.70
GR282 Buffalo Hunt
Bisque $16.11
GR285 The Warrior
Bisque $16.11
CM1198 Indian Maiden
13" Tall
Bisque $ 22.50
P804 Indian Maiden with
6.5" Tall
Bisque 9.60
P491 A & B Buffalo Medicine
12" Tall
Bisque $27.00
P501    Hiawathas
Wedding shown
P501    Hiawathas
here in wood look
G    Buffalo Spirit
Bisque $   
P501 Hiawatha's Wedding
11.25" Tall
Bisque $ 24.00
DH1359 Roughcut Indian
on Pony 12.5"T
Bisque $28.49
DH1642 LargeTrail Boss
22"T x 13"W
Bisque $ 59.99
DH1647 Indian Angel
w/Bear 12.5" T
Bisque $28.49
DH1360 Roughcut Indian
Scout $12.5"T
Bisque $28.49
M857 Howling Wolves
5"T x 7.5" L
Bisque $8.70
K2282 Eagle In Wood
12" Tall
Bisque $ 15.60
P915 Eagle
Prince 13.75"
Bisque $  25.80
P473 Eagle Dancer 15" Tall
Bisque $ 25.20
K2320 & K2321 Bear
Totem with Indian/Eagle
Top 26"Tall
Bisque $37.80
Finished $ 75.00
K2320 Bear Totem
Bisque $25.80
Finished $50.00
K2319 Tomahawk 18"Long
Bisque $9.60
Finished $22.00 Beads may vary
K2223 Indian Totem
Bisque $27.60
Finishe $57.00
K2637 Dream
Totem 16.25"
Bisque $24.30
S184 Wolf
Howling (Flat
Wood 15" Tall  
Bisque   $15.60
K2285 Base 6.5" Diam.
Bisque $ 4.20
getting the base with this
piece, since she tends to
be a bit "tippy".
J1081 Indian Vessel
Bisque $
CM1192 Indian Boy Bisque $10.50
CM1193 Indian Girl Bisque $10.50
P1012 Spirit of America
Bisque $
P789 Wedding Vessel 8.5"T
Bisque $13.20
P2316 Indian Brave with
Horse In Wood Look
Bisque $12.00
K2345 Quiver with arrows
12"T Bisque $ 4.80
K2346 Wolf Pelt 6.5"T
Bisque $12.00
P740A&B Wolf Runner
Bisque $31.20
P659A&B Indian Maiden
Bisque $24.00
P489 The Rescue 11"Tall
Bisque $24.00
K2355 Wolf Peace Pipe
18"L  Bisque $8.70
P914 Calling the
Eagle Spirit
Bisque $23.10
M645 Lying Indian
w Eagle  10.5"t X
11.5"L   Bisque $
K2417 Two Drums 1.5"T
Set of 2   Bisque $4.14
K2419 Two Canoes 5"L   
Can be used as ornaments
Set of Two  Bisque $4.14
K2313 Small Totem Indian,
Eagle, Buffalo
K2314 Small Totem Skull,
Buffalo, Indian
K2312 Small Totem
Three Indians Bisque
K2315 Small Totem Eagle
Wolf Symbols 10"
Bisque $9.66
P886 Indian Lovers Stein  Different View on
each side
S1853 Single Tepee 7"T
Bisque $6.60
K22 Indian Maiden and Buck  10" x 14"  
Bisque $ 21.00  Finished $42.00
KR7 Grizzly and Indian Girl
10" x 10"  Bisque $24.00
Finished $48.00
K37 Cliff Dwellers 5" x 5"  
Bisque $10.50
DH1129 Indian Maiden w/
Fawn 7"T   Bisque $19.49
Finished $42.00
KR2Horsewoman Rock 10"x 10"
Bisque $24.00
KR3 Buffalo Warrior Rock 10" x 10"  
Bisque $24.00
RV 271 Large Teepee 9"T
Bisque $17.39
P890 Wolf Princess  9.75" T
Bisque $ 23.10
Finished $ 45.00
P868  Indian Princess  13"T
Bisque $23.10
Finished $ 45.00
G2353 Adobe Light
P867 Sitting Bull (standing)
P562 Indian Stein 13.25"H
Bisque $26.53
M641 Indian Pony Stein
13.5"H Bisque $19.50
K1682&K1683 Longhorn Skull 16.5"L
Bisque $37.80
S1852 Set of Two Longhorn Skulls 4"
Bisque $5.40

O207 Set of two skullls 4"
Bisque $4.49
GR282 Native American
Plaque "The Maiden"  
Bisque $16.11
K2255,K2233 Indian with Buffalo In
log  Bisque $33.93 Set
K2674 Indian with Eagle
Wall Hanging 16"W
Bisque $19.13
K2630 Wolf Peace Pipe
Bisque $4.80
K2624 Buffalo Peace Pipe 6.5"L Bisque
K2632 Antler Pipe Holder 4"T  Bisque
K2631 Eagle Peace Pipe
Bisque $4.80
K2885 Male Indian Angel
11"T  Bisque $13.80
Also see our Old West, Farm Life and Horses page
K2324  Buffalo Arrowhead
Bisque $11.05
CPI-K 2210 Buffalo Planter
9"T  Bisque $13.80
CPI-K 2208 Mountain Man
10.5"T  Bisque $13.80
K2414 Gun Powder Horn
K2463 Indian and Wolves
Arrowhead  12"L  Bisque $10.50
K2291 Lg Eagle Peace Pipe  
22"L   Bisque  $8.63
K2291 Lg
Eagle Peace
Pipe  22"L   
Bisque  $8.63
K2824 Mountain
Man 12"T
Bisque $19.09
K2527 Lg Wolf Laying
16.5"L  Bisque $29.40
K3C Indian & Pack Horse
Bisque $12.00