Dragons, Castles, Knights, Unicorns and Other Stuff
We have this large
Cobra, not the little,
the pic is to show you
how it looks in Gold
color version on finished
pieces . You can pick your
color of these Dragon
Castles. Gold Version or
Silver Version
CM456 Wizard with Ball
Bisque $
Color variation
The Mountain Citadel  
DH1805 The Wizard
Bisque $50.99 for the set
The Citadel is 17" Tall and
the wizard is 6" Tall
Finished its $ 100.00
Allow extra time for the gold
glazing on the finished piece.
First Battle
DH2805a&b Bisque
Bisque Price $45.00
DH1954 Millennium
Dragon 11"x 11"
Bisque $45.00
Finished $90.00
DH1571 Large Ice
Dragon 16"T Bisque
$45.00 Finished $90.00
DH1648 Dragon
Castle 16" Tall
Bisque $44.99
DH1577 Fall 10"
DH2441 Lookout Dragon
Bisque$30.00 Finished $60.00
K1568-FF Unicorn
Bisque $13.11
DH1131 A & B
The Grand Dragon
DH1771 Dragon Warlord
15" Tall Bisque
DH1445 Castle Smoker
G2437 Merlin
Bisque $29.70
G2439 Wizard of
Ravenswood   Bisque
$14.00    10"Tall
Wizard of Darknoor  
Bisque $14.00
12" Tall
DH1875A&B Earth Dragon
Bisque $32.33
DH1560 Summer Wizard
13" Tall
DH2330 The Last
Dragon 10" x 11"
Bisque $42.00
DH 1702 Small Winter
Dragon 7"T
Bisque  $30.00
17" Tall
Bisque $45.00
Finished $90.00
Bisque $28.50
DH1718 Maiden
12"T Bisque $29.03
OS1086 Ocean State
Greenware $8.99
Bisque $17.95
CM1559 Castle Background Bisque $21.00
CM1560 Musical Movement Rainbow Bisque $6.00
CM1562 Dragon Bisque $7.50
Music Box and movement email for pricing
DM989 Imaginairies Dragon
Bisque$ 23.76
CP 3015 Castle 7.5" Tall
Bisque $ 7.80
L197 Dragon w Ball
S     Large Unicorn Laying
Bisque $
G2450   Dragon Slayer
Bisque $11.70
DM 5388  Hatching Dinosaur
"Pitre"  5"T
Bisque $10.44
Requires eyes to finish
DM537b  Hatching
Dinosaur "Sarah"
Requires Eyes to finish
Bisque $10.44
NM2308 Wizard with
Pedestal  Bisque $13.49
G2440 Nidhoggr Dragon
11" Tall
Bisque $20.10
G2431 Wizard Moonlight
9" Tall
Bisque $10.20
CM3537 Cinder Dragon
Hugging her favorite pet
Bisque $ 24.00
CPI 2999 Fountain Bowl  Bisque $9.60
CPI 3005 Fountain Top  Bisque $26.00
CPI  3008 Rock Acces  Bisque $5.40
CP3015 Castle   Bisque $7.80
CP3016 Knight with Flags Bisque $4.00
CP3018 Dragon $6.00
C2115 Wizard reading to
Dragon    Bisque $27.87
This is a 1970's price so
get it soon, before I find out
it's current price
K 1487  Dragon Bank   
Little Dragon in Egg not Included
Bisque $
L343 Dragon Boat ( Viking Boat?)
Bisque $49.60  this is a significant piece!
S2428 Large Gargoyle 16"
Bisque $33.30
DM1682 Large Dragon and Fairy Scene
Bisque $24.84
K1Y Dragon Box Lid  
Bisque $9.00
OS1068 Winter Wizard Bisque $21.00

OS1087 Winter Queen Bisque $15.00
D271 Three Cute Dragons
4"H Bisque $11.40
Dragon Busines Card Holder
DH1872 Standing Unicorn
DH1701 Small Dragon
Castle 7"T  Bisque $14.99
Lighthouse 10"T  
Bisque $29.40
DH1724 Lion Smoker 10"T
Bisque $14.99
Cat/Bat Smoker 7.5"T  
Bisque #14.99
DH1339 Dueling Dragon
10"T  Bisque $24.08
K2046 & K2047 Lg Dragon
Bisque $23.43  10.5"T
K2715 &K2716 Dragon  
Bisque $18.00   8"T
K3022 Dragon Pipe
8.5"L  Bisque $4.50
DH1970 Small Flying
Dragon 8.25"Tall
DH1417A&B  Grand Dragon
15"T  Bisque $41.99
DH1686A&B Grand Dragon
with Treasure 14"T
Bisque $35.99
DH1687A&B Dragon and
Knight Rider  12"T  
Bisque $29.39
DH1617 Gargoyle 10"T  
Bisque $20.00
1441 Wizard  Bisque $9.56
CM2978    Dragon Welcome
CM2979 Turret attach
Bisque $8.10
CM2701-LL Base Bisque
DM548b Sand Castle
8"W Bisque $14.40
K3307 & K3308 Ltd Water
Dragon  Bisque $28.00 (This
item slightly higher because of
all the difficult cleaning)