Everyday 2
Horses  and Unicorns
have moved to their
NM    Policeman with Flag

Bisque $10.00
These pics were so cute, I just had to borrow them for a bit until I can find
time to take a pic with my camera
S1999 Sleeping Shelf Bunny
8.5" Long Bisque $ 7.20
S1715 Percival Pig 10 ' T
Bisque $ 13.80
CM1151 Boy with
Watermelon Bisque $12.00
S3913 Beloved Pet for Dog
Urn or Memorial Rock
8.5"Long Bisque $14.10
S3914 Beloved Pet for Cat Urn
or Memorial Rock 8.5" Long
$ 14.10
S2035 Big Fish 14"T
Bisque $23.10  
NM2500 Fireman 8 1/2 " Tall
Bisque $10.00
Finshed $20.00
D998 Card Base (eggnoggin
not included)  6"L  
Bisque $3.30
S1750V Column Top with
CMJ557 Sconce Candle
Holder 1 per mold 10"T
Bisque $ 7.20 ea
CMJ570 Flying angel
attachment 3.5"L
Set of two   Bisque $ 4.20
CMJ569 Angel attach 2"L
Set of two  Bisque $3.00
Find this on our Christmas II page

CMJ545 Hanging Kitten
D1104-B Lg Garden Mushroom 8.5"H
Bisque $12.00
D1105-B Medium Garden Mushroom
7 3/4"H  Bisque $8.40
D1106-B Garden Mushroom Pair
7 1/4"H Bisque $11.10
Set in Bisque $31.50
RV277 3 Little Deer  
Bisque $6.29
RV290  Doe Facing Right
Bisque $8.69  4.5"x5"
RV290 Buck Facing Left
Bisque $10.49 4.5"x5.5"
RO507 Dutch Shoe 5"L
Bisque $6.29
RO539 Catchers Mit (Old
style)  Bisque $6.29
RO538 Fielders Mit
4.5"Dia  Bisque $6.29
CM1741 Fiesta Bears
Bisque $14.40   7"T
D613 Victorian Girl  "Spring"
Bisque $
19.80   12"T
-FF Victorian Girl "Summer"
 Bisque $19.80
D558-C Victorian Girl "Autumn"
Bisque $1
9.80  12"T
-FF Victorian Girl "Winter"
Bisque $1