Snowmen and Snowflakes and Winter Scenes
Ceramics In Michigan
Winter Scenes
CM1123 Four small snowflakes Bisque $
CM1118 Medium Snowflake Bisque
CM1117 Lg Snowflake Bisque $16.50
D1495 Cracked Pot Lg
Two are shown here, but
they are ordered
individually 9" T
Bisque $ 11.70
Finished $20.00
D1494 Set of Two Small
Cracked Pot Snowmen 5" T
Bisque $ 8.10
CM1121-N Med
Bisque $15.00
Finished $32.00
CM1120 Lg
Snowman   13" Tall
Bisque $32.40  
Finished $65.00
G2646&2647 Xlarge
Snowman with wreath and
Bisque $ 68.70
Xlarge shipping rates  apply
S2450 Roly Poly S2443
Set in Bisque $ 12.30
D1241     Snowman Bloomer
Basket Top Bisque $ 19.44
D1173 Bloomer Basket Bottom
Bisque  $ 7.92
D1240 Bloomer Boots  $4.68
NM2598 Mr & Mrs
Snowman Hugging
Bisque $ 8.39
NM 2330 Santa
and Snowman
friend 3.5"
Bisque $8.39
NM1831 Mr & Mrs
Snowman 9"T
Bisque $ 1.99 Set
CM1628 Two Penquins
Bisque $ 6.30
PCM187 Mr & Mrs
Snowman 6.5"T
Bisque $6.89
CM1618 Two small
Bisque $ 6.30
CM2269 Snow 9.5"L  Bisque
CM2282  Chill Penquins 10" L
Bisque $ 12.00
D 1049 Snowman  
w/Snowflake on hat
Bisque  $8.64

D1052 Snowman with
Snowflake on Behind
Bisque $8.64
K949 Three Penquins  
Bisque $14.70
CM2154 Snowman Light
10.5T Bisque $28.50

CM2155-JJJ Base
Bisque $8.10
CM2852 Sparkle Snowman Bisque
CM2853 Cookie Snowman Bisque
CM2854 Coco Snowman Bisque $
CM2850 Triple Snow Cliff
Bisque $34.20
CM2851 Three Small Cliff
Bisque $6
K3127 Snowman with
fiddle and cats
Bisque $13.80
Snowman w Tall
Hat and Book
6.25" T
Bisque $ 8.39
D1582-B Countdown Snowman
Bisque $26.28
CM2570 It's
Snowtime 8.75"T
Bisque $ 13.50
CM2271 Snowmom 8.75"T Bisque
CM2274 Base Bisque $5.40
CM1417 Snowman 10"T Bisque $16.50
CM1418 Snowlady 9.5"T Bisque $ 16.50
K3099 Snowman Tree 12"T Bisque
CM3181&3182&3184 Personalized
Snowman  16.25"T x 12.75"W
Cardinals are 3"T x 4.25"W
Bisque $54.00
Finished $ 108.00
Specify whether you wold like a
hole for the light.  Finished item
includes light kit

This Snowman with cardinals is
personalized with the Name of
your choice or choose to have
him with no name.  This large
snowman is perfect for your
front porch, in your living room
or even as a centerpiece for
your table.  Personalized orders
must be prepaid in Advance (
They are custom poured and
engraved when wet)
CM2014 Snowman Wreath
13" in Diameter
Bisque $24.00
P-CM287 Snowman 11.5"T
Bisque $ 19.35
G308 Snow Woman 9 " T
Bisque $9.90
G309 Snowman 10"T
Bisque $9.90
See our Sweet Tot Page for
these Cuties
See Our Sweet Tot
Page for theses
cuties and their
Pinewood Elves
D480 Country Sled Ornament 4"L  Bisque  $3.90
D595 Toy Accessories 1"H Bisque $ 6.30
D818 Double -Decorated Christmas Tree (4 shown) Bisque $ 12.90 ea.
D820 Baby Birds 1"H  (8) Bisque $ 5.40
D904 Brick and Rail Fence (2 Posts , 2 Rails) 10"L  Bisque $8.70
D943 Elf Hands on Hips 7"H Bisque $ 8.40
D944 Elf Sitting 7"H Bisque $8.40
D945 Elf Pushing 6"H Bisque $8.40
D946 Elf with Mailbag   7"H  Bisque  $8.40
D947 Elf Accessories 4"H 8.40
D948 North Pole Sign, Pillars, Gate 7"W $ 6.60
D1587 Crack Pot Gnomes  
Set of Three 5 3/4"H
Bisque $12.00
CM1122 Two small
Snowflake Snowman   
Bisque $8.40
Finished $ 16.80
D1804 Sm Snowflake Impressions Candle  Bisque  $7.50
D1805 Med Snowflake Impressions Candle  Bisque $ 9.30
D1806 Lg Snowflake Impressions Candle  Bisque $11.10
D1743 Votive Cup (one Needed for each candle) Bisque $3.90
D1800 Sm Winter Impressions Candle Holder  5"T     Bisque $10.80
D1801 Med Winter Impressions Candle Holder  8"T   Bisque $14.40
D1802 Lg Winter Impression Candle Holder  11"T      Bisque $18.00
D1743 Votive Cup (one needed for each candle)        Bisque $3.90
DH1915 Snowman Teapot
9.25"x9.25" Bisque $20.09
D1917 Loved a Lot Snowman  4.5"H  
Bisque $8.10
DH7452 3 Sm Skating
Snowmen  Bisque $
CM1643 Snowflake Ornaments
1/2" to 1 1/2"  Set of  
Bisque $12.00
CM3818 Lg Top Hat
Bisque $27.00
CM3820 Lg Top Hat Snowman
Bisque $6.00
CM2149 Lg Candle Hat
Snowman  Bisque $26.40
D1143 Poinsettia Bowl 12"W  
Bisque $20.40
D1144 Set of two Poinsettia
Candle Cups 5"H
Bisque $ 8.70
CM2462-M Sm Merry Christmas
Snowman 7" x 6.5"  Bisque $ 13.50
CM2463 Snowballs For Sale  5" x 7"
Bisque  $12.00
CPITL1154-XX  Abominable Snowman
Bisque $17.40  10.5"T
See our Christmas I page
for pricing
CM 2956 Sugar  
Bisque $15
CM2957 Salty
Bisque $12
CM2958 Snowy
Bisque $12
CM2850 Triple Snow Cliff
Bisque $34.20
CM2851 Three Small Cliff
Bisque $6
CM2959 Lg Bundle Up Polar
Bear (Scarf Not Included,
though ask me and I may
have one for sale)
14.25"Tall x 8"W
Bisque $35.40
CM1123 Small Snowflake
Bisque $6
CM2931-N Medium
Bundle-Up Snowman
11"T x 11"W Bisque
CM2932-M  Set of three
snowmen  Bisque $16.50
D1362 Snowman Candy
Cane Holder  7"W  Uses
Dowel Rod for Arms
Bisque $ 8.10
D1609 Cracked Pot Bear
9.5"H  Bisque $18.00
CM4094   Jack the Snowmen
Wreath    Bisque $40.50
15.75" x 3"
D1140 A & B-KK2   Hand in
Hand Snowmen 8.5"H
Double Sided Two sets
each set  Bisque $29.88

D1142 Sign for Snowmen
Bisque $ 7.92
D1140  A&B Hand In Hand Snowmen  Set of 4 double
sided (shown here 2 sets)   Bisque $ 29.88