Gare Santa's
TThis page is dedicated to Gare Santas.  
Gare has stopped making these molds
and they are becoming increasingly
rare.  Luckily we have several.
Peace Santa
This is a very
Large Santa, he is
24" Tall
$48.56 Greenware
$97.11 Bisque
Finished $209.22
(This includes the
G2629,G2630 Rose Santa
This is a very Large
Santa he is 26" Tall
$48.56 Greenware
$97.11 Bisque
Finished $225
G2478,G2479 Lg
Renaissance Santa w/light
This Santa is 28" Tall
$49.96 Greenware
$99.91 Bisque
Finished (requires two
firings for the gold and a
light kit with special flame
bulb)  $309.93 ( would sell
in a retail setting for $499)

No Longer Available Pic for
Painting Example Only
G3570 Lighthouse Santa
with Lighthouse and Bag of
Seashore Toys
16" Tall
Bisque $38.61
G2846 Pearl Santa with
Challis and Pearl Staff
14" Tall
Bisque $42.93
Gare 1059 Victorian
Santa w/ Tree
Bisque $18.06
G2269 Renaissance Santa
Hugging Deer 14" Tall
Bisque $42.93
G3007 Gingerbread Santa w/pan
of cookies and Gingerbread
house at his feet 10" Tall
Bisque $18.06
G3126 Gingerbread Santa  
with dish of cookies and
gingerbread house 15" Tall
Bisque $38.61
G3496 Renaissance
Millennium Santa with
Globe and bag of Toys
15" Tall Bisque $38.61
G1575&G1576 American
Santa Holding Child with
bag of toys 10"
Bisque $20.28
G1423 Renaissance
Santa w Goblet and Bag
Bisque $42.93
These two pictures are
of other color versions
for G1423
G2382 Renaissance
Santa VI With little girl
and toys 16" Tall
Bisque $38.61
G2254 Santa with Staff
and bag 14" Tall
Bisque $42.93
G2807 Poinsettia Santa
15" Tall
Bisque $42.93
G3234 Santa
w/Mandolina and
Decorated Tree Bisque
15"Tall   Bisque $38.61
G3569 Casino Santa w/
winning Jackpot 9" Tall
Bisque $18.06
G2958 Celestial Santa
15" Tall
Bisque $38.61
G3547 Millennium Santa
with Globe, Star and
Toys 10" Tall
Bisque $18.06
G2657 Renaissance Santa VIII
14" Tall
Bisque $42.93
G3371 Renaissance
Santa with Bears
15" Tall
Bisque $38.61
G2927 Renaissance
Santa w/ Staff and Cross
on back
15" Tall
Bisque $42.93
G1420 Father Christmas
feeding Reindeer 11" Tall
Bisque $18.06
G2364 Renassance Santa
with Lantern and Basket
16" Tall
Bisque $38.61
G2792 & G2793 Teddy
Bear Santa
23"Tall  Bisque $ 97.28
Finished $194.50
G2874 Farmer Santa
14" T  Bisque $42.93
G2659-H  Rose Santa 10" Tall
Bisque $18.06
G2809 Santa with Snowman   
10"T  Bisque $17.16
Very cute in other colors, too!
G2795 Western Santa 9"H
Bisque $