Spring, Easter, Eggs,
Bunnies, Bears
CM2588 & CM2589
Welcome Bunny       
Bisque $37.80
CM1182 & CM1183 Mama
Bunny with babies
Bisque $54.90
NM1842 Row of Bunnies
9" Long   Bisque $11.39
NM1840 Stack of Bunnies
9.25" Tall
Bisque $11.39
NM1893 Gardener
Bunnies   9.5"Tall
Bisque $14.99
NM1912 Bunnies on
Basket 8.75" Tall
Bisque $11.39
CM-J895 Lop-Earred Rabbit
Bisque $9.60
Nest.eggs and hats seperate
CM1162 Lg bunny Bisque $16.50
CM1160 Cracked Egg Bisque $12.00
CM1161 Flower  Base Bisque $10.50
                                    pr 2020
CM1168 Bears on Eggs or
CM 1167 Bunnies on Eggs
Bisque set of 3 $9.60
CM1323 Bunny with Candle
Cup Bisque $10.50
D744 Love Bunnies Bisque $4.50
D404 Peck Basket (handle
sold separately)  Bisque $7.20
D405 Bunny top for Basket
Bisque $9.60  Set $16.80
CM2192 Aaron Bunny Top
Bisque $21.00
Cm2193 Foot Base Bisque
$ 6.00
CM1899 Mama Duck with
Bisque $ 32.40
CM1024 Bunny with Heart
Candle Cup  Bisque $ 7.50
6" Wide
CM1720 Boy Bunny with basket
Bisque $18.00
CM1313,1314,1315 Mama
Bunny with kids in her lap
Bisque $30.00
D1173  Basket Bottom Bisque $7.92
D1174 Bunny Lid   Bisque $15.12
D1175  Furry Feet  Bisque $4.68
What a cute way to hide the candy!
Bisque $
D1509 Crack Pot Bunny Girls Set
of 3 Bisque $12.60
D1508 Crack Pot Bunny Boys Set
of 3 Bisque $12.60
D1510 Crack Pot Mama Bunny
Bisque $11.70
D1511 Crack Pot Papa Bunny
Bisque $11.70
D612 Eater Bunnies
Bisque $5.40
D548&549 Country Fence
Bisque $10.80
Flowers sold separately
D402 Musical Mama Bunny with Babies
Bisque $24.84
D509 Musical Papa Bunnie 11"H
Bisque $2088
Indentation In Tail so you can put a touch
tone music box in, then you attach a fluffy
D873 Cottontail Bunny
Basket 10" Long
Bisque $19.44
D645 Swing 5"W Bisque $5.70
D647 Garden Swing Stand 6"T Bisque $11.70
D648 Garden Swing Base 10"W Bisque $5.70
D645,D647,D648 Garden Swing Set Bisque $28.80
D657 Bunny Couple Bisque $4.20
D649 Bear Couple Bisque $4.80
D662 Ghost Couple Bisque $4.20
D658 Butterflies Acc. (9) 1"2/5"L Bisque $5.40
CM-J 896&897 Lop-Earred
Bunny with babies
Bisque $13.50
CM-J898 Lop-Earred Bunny
Standing  Bisque $9.00
D624 Wishing Well Bisque $10.20
D625 Base Bisque $ 5.40
D626 Wishing Well Bunnies  Bisque $7.50         
Set Bisque $23.10
D518 and D391 Stuffed Box
and Butterfly lid
Bisque $1
CM916 Sock Bunny with
buttons Bisque $6.30
CM899 Three Sleepy
Bunnies Bisque $12.00
CM1045 Lg Heart Belly
Lamb  Bisque $ 15.60
Specify whether you want
heart cut out or not.
CM1328 Jelly Bean Bunnies
Bisque  Set of Three $ 9.00
S1814 Lg Lop-Earred Bunny
Bisque $ 22.80
CM1484 Happy Easter, Happy Spring
Bisque $  12.00  Temporarily
D1937 Loved A Lot Bunny
6.75" Bisque $10.44
D1403 Sm Stuffed Bunny
Sitting 5"H Bisque $ 7.20
<<<<Finished $15.00
D1404 Stuffed Bunny
Bisque $7.20  
Finished $15.00>>>>>
D1524   Ginger Bunnies Girls
3 3/4"H Bisque $5.40
D976 Lg "Wicker"Basket 9"H  
Bisque $16.50

See our gingerbread page for more
S1555 Lop-Earred Bunny on
Back 6"  Bisque $8.40
Finished $15.00>>>>>
D972A&B  Standing Egg Box  9"H
Bisque $11.40
D973 Bunnies 4"H for Egg Box
Bisque $9.60
D1621 Papa Puddle Bunny 10.5"H
<<<<< Bisque $14.70
D1622 Mama Puddle Bunny 9"H  Bisque $12.30
D1623 Baby Puddle Bunny 6.5"T Bisque
D1624 Raindrops & Splashes 1.5"H (set of 6)
Bisque $4.40
D1163A-B Hand In Hand Bunnies 8"H ( Set
of 4)
D1163B-B (Please use both numbers when
ordering)  Bisque $24.90
Bisque for One set (2 Sets shown) $24.90
D1104 Basket and Sign for Hand In Hand
Bunnies 2"H  Bisque $5.40
CM2308 & CM2309 Bumble
Bee Bunny and Base
Bisque $28.50  Bunny 9.5"T
D393 Bunny w/Jelly Beans Lid 4"W
Bisque $6.48
D391 Stuffed Box Bottom 5"W  Bisque
CM2047 Happy Easter Bunnies  Bisque $22.50
Also available unlighted, if you like
D1291-B Calico Ear Bunny Girls (Set of 3) 5"H  Bisque $9.60
Use Fabric to Create the Ears
D1292-B Calico Ear Bunny Boys 5"H Bisque $9.60
Use Fabric to Create the Ears
D1177 Bunny Expressions (Set of 3)
Bisque $6.00
D1295 Calico Carrots (stems are
fabric) (Set of 6) 2"H Bisque $4.80
CM-J1017-M Two Tiny
Egg Belly Bunnies 3"T
Bisque $6.00
D1188 People Feeder 7"W   Bisque
D1181 Duck "Eggspressions"  2"H
(Set of 3) Bisque $6.00
D1184 Chicken "Eggspressions"  
4"H (Set of 3)  Bisque $6.00
S2621 Sleeping Shelf

S1999 Sleeping Shelf
S445 Base to House

So far we have just come
across this base from a
buyout, hoping we find the
J710-KK Tree Nest               Bisque $17.40
J711-KK Pebble Base           Bisque $15.90
708-KK Bunny Reaching       Bisque $20.70
709-KK 2 Birds/3 Bunnies     Bisque $17.40