Baskets, Vases, Planters, Boxes, Containers, Vases, Candle Holders
D1617-E Homespun  Basket 9"H
Change the Colors for different Seasons  
Bisque $21.60
D1664-B Homespun Apples (Set of 3) 3"H
Bisque $9.00
D1619-B Homespun Eggs
(Set of 6) 2"H Bisque $9.36
D1666 Homespun Pumpkins (set of 3)
3.5"H  Bisque $9.00
S1750V Column Top with flowers
Flowers Sold Seperately
Bisque $23.40
D1618 Homespun Candleholders 5"H
Bisque Set of two $5.76
V076 Tall Vase 5" x 7.5"
Bisque $9.60
OS1009 Fan Vase
D1246 Reindeer Bloomer Lid 8"H
Bisque $13.20
D1173 Bloomer Bottom 3.75"H
Bisque $6.60
Bloomer Boots
Opens up to hold your
treasures.  What a neat way to
hold your holiday treats!
D1239 Santa Bloomer  Basket Top
Head w/ Bears 7 3/4"H Bisque
D1173 Basket Body 3 3/4"H
Bisque $6.60
D1240 Boots 1 1/4"H Bisque $ 3.90
Set of the three pieces Bisque
D1241     Snowman Bloomer
Basket Top 8"H
Bisque $ 16.20
D1173 Bloomer Basket
Bisque  $ 6.60
D1240 Boots 1 1/4"H Bisque
Set $26.70
D897 Pumpkin Basket
pictured here with two pumpkin noggins
10"H Basket in Bisque $16.20
                    pr 2020
D1211 Haunted Graveyard Basket   
Bisque $ 13.68  Does not include the
mummy and skeleton eggspressions
D951 Winter Garden Basket
7"H  Bisque $18.00
      pr 2020
D873 CottonTail Basket 10"L
Bisque $19.44
D823 Beautiful  Victorian Basket 14"H
Bisque $18.00
D1242 Nativiy Basket
12"H  Bisque $ 13.20
Specify if you want a
hole for a light  ( you
could also put a tea
light in here. Light has
to go in through the
side.  (We suggest a
battery candle instead)
Basket 9"H Bisque$15.30
Though pictured with
Easter Eggs, This
basket can be used for
many different events,
including Weddings,
Dining Room Floral
arrangements, etc
D1086 Lace Candle Cups
3"H Set of two Bisque
D1082-A Lace Applique
Eggs Set of 5    2.5"H
Bisque $6.60
D1156 Mini Lace Applique Baskets
Set of Three Bisque $ 7.80
D976 Lg "Wicker"Basket
9"H  Bisque $16.50
D733 "Wicker"Basket 7"H
Bisque $9.90
D852 Small "Wicker"
Basket 3.5"H  Bisque
$2.50 each
D404 Peck Basket
(handle sold
separately)  Bisque
D405 Bunny top for
Bisque $9.60  Set $16.80
Dona's Bloomer Baskets
D1282 Valentine Bear Lid Bisque $10.80
D1173 Bloomer Body Bisque $6.60
D1240 Plain Boots (like the one on the
santa bloomer) $3.90
Bonus*****Once the inside is glazed this
can be used to hold Cookies, Candy,
Flowers, Jewelry, Little Treasures*****
D1411 Uncle Sam Bear Top 71/2"    Bisque
D1173 Bear Bottom 3 3/4"H  Bisque $22.00
D1240 Boots to Bear 1 1/4 "H  Bisque $3.90
The set of three pieces is $22.50 (Flag not
included, but if you want one, I can probably
get one for you)
D1208 Thanksgiving Bear Lid  7"H
Bisque $10.80
D1173 Bloomer Basket Bottom
3 3/4"H  Bisque $ 6.60
D1240 Boots 1/4"H Bisque $3.90
Thanksgiving Bear Set   Bisque
Plain Boots not pictured
D1261 Leprauchaun Lid Bisque $12.90
D1173 Bloomer Body Bisque $6.60
D1240 Boots $3.90
Set $23.40   

Bonus*****Once the inside is glazed this piece
can be used to hold Cookies, Candy, Flowers,
Jewelry, Little Treasures*****
D1204 Cow Bloomer Top Bisque $12.90
D1173 Bloomer Body Bisque $6.60
D1240 Regular boots, not the ones shown
here Bisque $3.90 Set $23.40  Buy all
three at one time and save
DM80A  Vase 6"H  
Bisque $7.20
DM284 Ginger Jar
6"T   Bisque $9.36
By749-NP2 Small Ming Jar
(design not on jar)  Bisque
Raised Design Vase
Bisque $13.50
At507&507a Victorian Boot
on Base  Boot is 10 3/4"H  
Base is 3 3/4" Long  
Bisque Set $26.29
D394 Squirrel on
Lid with candy
corn  Bisque $6.48
D391  Box Bottom
Bisque $6.48
D559 Spider on Candy
Corn Lid  Bisque $ 6.48
D391 Box Bottom  
Bisque $6.48
D392 Mouse with candy
hearts Box Lid 4" Wide
Bisque $ 6.48
D391 Box Bottom 5" Wide
Bisque $6.48
Set in Bisque $12.96
D521 Butterfly and Flowers Lid
4"W   Bisque $6.48
D391 Stuffed Box Bottom 5"W  
Bisque $6.48
Set in Bisque $12.96
D460 Bear with Gumdrops
Lid 5"W    Bisque $6.48
D391 Stuffed Box Bottom
5"W  Bisque $6.48
Set in Bisque $12.96
D391 Stuffed Box 5"W
Bisque $6.48
D487 Stuffed Lid 5"W
Bisque $6.48
Set Bisque $12.96
AT13 Bud
Vase 10.75"H
Bisque $9.59
K111-O Singing Lessons 12"x 15" Bisque $19.50
K117 Covered Bridge Vase
11" x 11"  
Bisque $19.50
K123 Old Mill Vase
11" x 11"
Bisque $19.50
S1845 Lg Southwest Vase  16" Bisque
$33.12       pr2020

S1846 Lid for Vase Bisque $6.84

S1849 Chilli Peppers 5.5"L Bisque

S96 Strawberry Planter
Bisque $15.60
D1301 Apple Inserts
(Set of two) Bisque $6.00

D 1301   Seasons Basket
Uses 2 Inserts
Bisque $18.30

DT201 Tech  $1.99
you will be emailed an online copy that  
you can print (The only reason I am
charging for these is that these took
alot of hours to make in an available
See our Dona's Seasons Page for the
Season's Basket and Inserts
Sleigh perfect for flower
Bisque $12.60
MA5333 A & B Chicken
Go Round  8.5"W
Bisque $19.20
S1792 Fancy
Bathtub Soap Dish
Bisque $8.19 (Does
not include cherub
or soap)
LS549-D Set of Two
Santa Boots
Ma384 Baby Rattle Planter 2.5"T
Bisque $8.40
Ma258 Bamboo Planter
3.5"T  Bisque $5.40
See Our Dona's Seasons
Page for the basket and
more inserts
D297-B A&B Soft
Sculpture Basket  Bisque
S298 Bunny Handle
Bisaue $7.20
D305  Heart Picks
Bisque $3.00
D-1881 NMB Canoe
Candle Holder  18"L
Bisque $16.92
D1337 Seasons Oval Box 3"H  
Bisque $7.50

D1338-AA2 Seasons Oval Box 2
1/4" H
Bisque $6.60

D1336-AA2 Seasons Box Lid 7"W
( uses one insert)  Bisque $5.40

D1339 Winter Holly Inserts
( set of two) Bisque $6.00
If you want both, be sure to order
both boxes, 2 lids and two
D1301 Seasons Basket (Uses 2
inserts)   Bisque $18.30
D1844 Oval Stone
Basket  9"H  Bisque
D1845 Spring
Impressions Egss
Set of 6  Bisque $11.16
DM278 3 Bud Vases
Bisque $11.16
K3059-FF Bird Bud Vase
Bisque $6.90
S2868&SFloral Box with
Floral Lid
Bisque $17.64
S2868&S2869 Floral Box with
Cherub Lid
Bisque $17.64
D393 Bunny with Jelly
Beans  Bisque $6.48
D391 Stuffed Box
Bisque $6.48
Set in Bisque $12.96
D245&D245a  Goose Basket
Bisque $13.68
D1143-E  Poinsettia Bowl
12"W  Bisque

D1144-E Poinsettia
Candle Cups 5"W
Bisque $10.44
S818-RR 16X12 Wicker Basket
Bisque $30.24
D851-AA SM Wicker Basket
S1749-QQ  Med Lace
Basket   Bisque $17.64