Love & Valentines Day
D743 Heart Shadow Box Bisque $9.30
D744 Love Bunnies Bisque $4.50
D1282 Valentine Bear Lid Bisque $12.96
D1173 Bloomer Body Bisque $7.92
D1240 Plain Boots (like the one on the santa
bloomer) $4.68
Bonus*****Once the inside is glazed this can
be used to hold Cookies, Candy, Jewelry,
Little Treasures*****
Sweet Tots In Love

D853 Sweet Tot Girl  Bisque $8.40
D854 Sweet Tot Boy Bisque $8.40
D855 Heart Base Bisque $6.00
Base can be musical
Tiny flowers not included
NM 1835   Valentine
Stack  9" x 2.5"  
Bisque $37.95
D1734 Love Grows Heart
Stone  6.5" High
Bisque $8.70
D743 Hear Shadoow Box Bisque $9.30
D886 Dove Couple Bisque $7.50
D856 A & B Valentine
Cupcake Box A & B   7"High
Bisque $11.40
Also uses sucker stick,
pipe cleaners and bow.
D392 Mouse with candy
hearts Box Lid 4" Wide
Bisque $ 5.40
D391 Box Bottom 5" Wide
Bisque $5.40
CM1299 Small Cuddle Bears
6.75" Wide  Bisque $12.00
S3077 Cherubs on Vase
10.5" High  
Bisque $
CM1020 Tiny Heart Belly
Bears Set of 2  
Bisque $6.00
CM1300 Boy Valentine Bear
9.5" Tall   Bisque $25.50
CM1301 Girl Valentine Bear
10" Tall  Bisque $25.50
CM1320 Cuddle Bunnies
Bisque $ 12.00
D886 Dove Couple Bisque
D739 Love Birds 2"H  Bisque $3.30
D738 BirdHouse 7"H  Bisque $9.90
D751 Birdhouse Stand 5"H  Bisque $4.80
D1949-A Loved-A-Lot
Teddy 5"H  Bisque $8.70