Farm Life
S447 Rooster Guarding Eggs  
15"T  Bisque $33.60
S448 Hen with chicks 13"T  
Bisque $28.80
S1417 Shelf Chicken
Bisque $6.30
S1416 Shelf Chicken
Bisque $6.30
S1319 Garden Cart  13"
Bisque $12.30
S1393 Twelve Sm Eggs
S1395 3 Ducklings
Bisque $7.80
S1344 Two small
Bisque $5.10
S1374 Laying Calf  7"Long
Bisque $7.50
NM1846 Cow
Stack 9"
Bisque $ 11.39
NM1933  >>
Chicken Stack
Bisque $ 10.49
NM1836 Pig
Stack 9.25"
S2333 Sleeping Pig7"L  
Bisque $7.20

S1715 Percival the Pig  
10"T Bisque $13.80

S482 Sleeping Pig with
Baby  Bisque $6.30
RV397  Hen  5"T Bisque $ 13.79

RV398  Rooster 8"T  Bisque $15.59
S1279 Lg Feeding Duck  Bisque $10.50
S141 3 Chicks  
<<Bisque $6.30  
S1449 Hay Bale  Bisque

S1404 Calf Standing 7.5"T
Bisque $10.50
S1373  Cow with
Horns Laying (Cow
also available
without horns)
Bisque $19.80
S481 Mama
Pigsitting with
baby on back  
Bisque $6.30

S1462 Pig
Placque (just
the pig)
Bisque $6.90
Life Size
AL825 Grey Goose Head up  Bisque $83.42
AL826 Grey Goose Looking Down  Bisque $ 53.63
This is a pricey set.  So we offer a discount when you
order the set  Regular $137.05  Sale $ 102.79
D1184 Chicken Eggspressions
(Set of 3) 4"H
Bisque $6.00
D1185 Horse "Eggspressions (Set of 3)
3"H Bisque $6.00
D1286 Pig Sleeping (often used in this
basket) 6"L Bisque $4.80
AL145 Lg Rooster  Bisque $38.92
AL146 Hen and Chick Bisque $
MA5345 Chicken
Salt and Pepper Set
3.5"T  Bisque $4.40
Ma5333 Chicken Go Round  
8.5"w (I think thats one section)
Bisque $19.20 set (Does not
include decorations)
Ma5341 Rooster/Chicken
Napking Holder (just one, if
you want both, order two)
Bisque $7.80
S1450 Four small hay bales
Bisque $5.40
D550 A&B Wood Duck 13"L  Bisque
D447-C Mallard Duck (This duck should be
about the same length as the wood duck)  
Bisque $13.20
D445 Duckling Facing Forward 7"L  Bisque $6.00
D446 Duckling Preening 6"L  Bisque $6.00
See Our Horses Page Too!
Also see our Old West and Horses page for more
S3480-E French Country
Wreath 17"W  Bisque $24.30
S2621 Sleeping Shelf

S1999 Sleeping Shelf
S2620-QQ  Lg Nurturing Duck
9"T  Bisque $19.50
S2470-PP Shelf Sitter Donkey  
Bisque $7.80
S2338-QQ Laying, Sleeping Pig  
14"L  Bisque $22.68
CM2698 -LL Rooster
Bisque $40.50           
DM1771 Bunny Scratching
Bisque $12.96
DM1772 Bunny Sitting
Bisque $12.24
D1204 Cow Bloomer Top
Bisque $15.80
D1173 Bloomer Body
Bisque $7.92
D1240 Regular boots, not
the ones shown here
Bisque $4.68 Set