These Pieces can be used
Indoors or Outdoors and are
especially fun in a Garden
CPI-3899 Welcome Frog on
18" Tall Bisque $32.40
Gare 2626
10" Long
Bisque $14.10
D1791 a&b Watering Can
shown in two different
colors.  Inserts sold
seperately $25.50 Bisque
CM 2899 Mr  
Peabody Welcome
Bisque Price $40.50
D1095 Country Rooster
Bisque $
D1097 Country Peeps 3" T
Bisque$ 6.00
Remember These? These are Samples painted by the mold company.  Sold
in Bisque
CP3146 Raccoon
holding birdhouse
Bisque $13.20
CPI 3151 Gnome
with Birdhouses
17.5" Tall
Bisque $42.90
TL1119  Lawn Frog on
Rock  Bisque $
CM 2637 Welcome Scarecrow
18" Tall x 11" W
Bisque $43.50
CPI 3145
Squirrels on
Birdhouse 14" Tall
Bisque $21.60
DH2274 Large
Garden Toad 7" x
Bisque $26.99
AR712 Large
Garden Toad 10"
x 8.25" x 6.25"
Bisque $18.15
CM 508 Squirrel Sitting Up
Bisque $8.40

CM509 Squirrel Running
Bisque $8.40
TB581 Large Garden Frog
9" Long
Bisque $16.49
CM2905-JJJ Take Me
Home Toad
Bisque $ 15.90
S1939 Birdfeeder 8" W
Bisque $ 13.50
CM2588 & CM2589
Welcome Bunny       
Bisque $41.40
Bisque $37.20
D 1616 Set of two
Bisque $ 8.40
CM1661 Set of Two
Bisque $22.20
Bisque $8.40
CM2097 Set of
Three Lady
Bisque $12.00
D1553 CrackPot Birds
Set of 6
Bisque $ 18.36
D1554 Welcome to
Our Nest Sign (Does
not include post)
Bisque $10.44
Post may be available
by request if my
husband has time to
make them
D1167-C Country Girl with Bunny   
Bisque $16.50
D1168 Legs and Feet for D1167-C
Bisque $3.00
D1169-C Country Boy with Bunny  
Bisque $16.50
D1170 Country Bunnies  Bisque $6.60
D623 Country Boy with duck 11"H  Bisque
D622 Country Girl with duck Bisque $18.30
D1000 A & B Victorian Girl
w/cat 12"H Bisque $15
D1001 A & B Victorian Boy
with Dog 14"H  Bisque
S1713 Horse 15"L  
Bisque $20.16
CM2764 Boris
Gnome Standing
Bisque $15.90
CM2765 Pappy Gnome
Sitting Bisque $22.20
D1540 Crack-Pot Gnome with Birds    Bisque $21.60
D1541 Crack-Pot Gnome with Ladybugs   Bisque $21.60
D1542 Crack_Pot Gnome with Butterflies   Bisque $21.60
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for some computers and was crashing,
so to remedy that, we have begun
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S3481 Cute Turtle Looking Left  7"   
Bisque $7.20
AR504A Squirrel with tail tucked
in  5.5"H x 9"L    Bisque $ 17.40

Ar504B Squirrel with tail out
4.5"H x 12.75"L  Bisque $17.40
S2787 Nurturing Wolves
Bisque $18.60
AR850 Frog Sitting
Bisque $19.80
Ar851 Frog Reclining
Bisque $21.00      
AR633 Frog Laying Back
Bisque $16.80
D1932 Frogs for Mushroom or Rock  
6 1/2"T  Bisque $9.30
D1926 Mushroom top  10"W  
D1933 Mushroom Stem      H
Mushoom Set Bisque $24.60
CM1146 & 1150
Canadian Goose Head
Up   Bisque $37.50
CM 1146 & 1147 Canadian
Goose Head Tucked  
Bisque $37.50
Life Size
AL825 Grey Goose Head up  Bisque $83.42
AL826 Grey Goose Looking Down  Bisque $ 53.63
This is a pricey set.  So we offer a discount when you order
the set  Regular $137.05  Sale $ 102.79
See Our Farm Life Page
for Cows
CM1218 Birds for Log
Bisque $15.90
CM1175 Log
Bisque $23.70
CPI 3913-C Frog on Turtle
Bisque $18.00
Cer1918 Medium Carved
Swan 7 1/2 "H
Bisque $17.96
D1868A Frogs to Weathervane  
5"W Bisque $3.30
H1896 Lg Dutch Girl 21 1/2" T  Bisque $64.09
H1897 Lg Dutch Boy 23" T  Bisque $64.09
G3491 & G3492 Large Garden
Bisque $42.90 20" Tall
K926-C Duck/Goose
8.5"T  Bisque $12.87
D1533-A Happy Sun Face
7.5"W  Bisque $7.20
DHKP1044-O Fat Frog
Bisque $35.99
26" in circumference at
his widest area 9" tall
to the center of the
CERAMICS IN MICHIGAN                                    
Fun In The Garden
P-CM280 Virgin Mary
Bisque $38.40
AL764 Raccoon Sitting
Up  Bisque $
AL763 Baby Raccoon
Sleeping  Bisque  
Sitting Down  
Bisque $10.80
CM1179  Squirrels 2" to 4"T
Bisque  $14.40
CM 1175 Log  13"T Bisque
Mama Raccoon
and Babies 7.5"T
Bisque $41.10
CM1175 Log 13"T  Bisque
CM1176&CM1177 Raccoons
Bisque $23.70
S2068 Sitting Up
Raccoon  Bisque $28.20
CM1215 Two Baby
Squirrels   Bisque $18.00
CM3632-KK Ima Leaping
Bisque $16.50
CM3633-KK Anna Hopping
Bisque $16.50
CM3756-KK Ima Grasshopper Small
set of 3
Bisque $12.60
CM3758-KK Plant Tender Set of 3
Bisque 8.10                                        
This middle bowl is no longer
available, so we will be looking
for something else to use.  
Stand by  for the results.
CM2771-LL Pelican Welcome
Have a home near the
water, or a boat at the
Marina? This would be great
near that.
Bisque $28.50
CM2698 -LL Rooster
Bisque $40.50           

S1702-QQ Lg Swan  17"L
Bisque $21.60
S1495ABC   Lg Turtle
Bisque $27.72
CM2978    Dragon
Bisque $37.20
CM2979 Turret attach
Bisque $8.10
CM2701-LL Base Bisque
Base and Dragon Set
CM2763 Morty Gnome
Bisque $15.90
Remember These? These are Samples painted by the mold company.  Sold
in Bisque
Remember These? These are Samples painted by the mold company.  Sold
in Bisque
A701 Large
Gnome w/Pick
Bisque $39.00
A721 Susie Gnome
Bisque $39.00
A679 Garden
Gnome w/Shovel
Bisque $39.00
A678 Garden Gnome
Bisque $39.00
A692 Gnome
w/Watering Can
Bisque $39.00
K3254 Turtle
Bisque $19.80
AL586 Small Alligator 5"
Bisque $17.92
S1556 Standing Sheep    
Bisque $29.16
K925 Duck/Goose
w/Head Down
CM3943-UUU  Ziggy
Bisque $7.40 each
For the set of 3 $22.20