NM1756 Sierra
Spruce Wreath
Bisque Only $11.85
Finished and lighted
Guess what will
be here next
Trees and Wreaths
A64 Regular Glazed Atlantic
Tree shown with two
S1185 and S1186 Sill Sitter Tree
and base. 14" Tall   Designed to
fit in skinny spaces.  This
finished tree comes lighted with
a switch on the cord for easier
access. $45.00 finished.  Also
available in Bisque $21.90  Light
Kit additional in bisque
Want it glazed instead?  Add
12.00 to the price.
NM342 Tree and Base  (shown with 2
Bisque $64.49
This tree looks alot better without all this
stuff on it.  As soon as I get a real picture,
I will post it. (this one is from the mold
company).  It 16 1/2" High
NM342A Medium Branch Extension    
2.5" x 14"   Bisque $34.49
NM342b Large Branch Extension
3.5" x 16  Bisque $34.49
Sierra Blue Spruce Tree
NM1695  Draped Base
Bisque $11.33
Lights and accessories
NM341a & b Tree with
Holly Base
9.5" T with base holes
drilled for twist lights If
you would like to put
different lights in it, let
us know and we will drill
to your width.  
Bisque $10.00
K3099 & 3100 Snowman
Tree and Base
Bisque $16.50
12" Tall (not sure if that
measurement includes the
K3099 Just the tree
K3100 Just the base
K3132 & K3133 Birdhouse
Tree and Base
Bisque $ 22.20
14" Tall (not sure if that
measurement includes the
K3132 Just the tree
K3133 Just the base
TBY Large Light-up wreath with Base
and Mouse
Insert for Wreath and
D1453 3 Cute Bats for
Wreath   Bisque $5.40
6 Bats Shown Here
D1469 Cornucopia Wreath Insert 10"W
Bisque $7.80
NM Wreath with
candle Bisque $9.90
AT64&AT     Tree with
base Bisque Reg $60.00
Finished $120.00  Specify
glazed or painted
Approx 17" Tall without
the star  Approx 10.5"
Just need the base? The
tree ring on the base is 4"
in diameter and has a 1"
space for the tree to sit
down on.
A64a Tree extension  14 3/8
dia.  Bisque $ 19.80
A64b Tree extension 16" dia.
Bisque $25.50
Tree and base are bisque
fired to an 04 cone for
painting or glazing
NM1756 Wreath Unfrosted
Version with Mulit-Colored
Pin-lights    Finished $27.00
Bisque without lights or
light kit $11.85
Other Holiday Wreaths
S2961 Angel Wreath
11" Diameter Bisque $20.00
(Mirror not included)  This
one is a bit higher because
its a pain in the rear to get it
to come out right
AT104 Tree with Base 13"H
Bisque $36.00
Shown with one extension

DM1682 Large Dragon and Fairy Scene
Bisque $20.70
A64 Glazed Tree no
extensions with base (color
Bottle Green)
TB127A&B  Lg Wreath with Bow  
Bisque $30.00  Requires a Lg
Double light Wreath Kit
TB166   Mouse Insert  Bisque
TB156 Teddy Bear Insert Bisque
TB127b Just the Bow in
Bisque $9.00
"Icicle" Tree and Base
AT 314 Tree with star 18"H
AT314a Base 8" x 2.75"
Bisque $ 45.60 set
wiring and lights extra
Notice: Bisque from our store
means ready to paint or glaze.  
Want it finished? Ask for a price
with all the glaze and wiring.
CM1834 -N Giddy Tree 9"T
Bisque $27.00
S301 Elf Wreath Shown
in Green or Blue
S2789 Wildlife Wreath 18"
Bisque $20.70
S2969 Jungle Wreath 16"
Bisque $20.70
CM2014 Snowman Wreath
13"  Bisque $27.00
S3480 French Country
Wreath 17"W  Bisque $24.30
CM4094-O Jack The
Snowman Wreath 3"T x
15.75" Dia.
Bisque $40.50
Flockgreens & Holly Not