Every day stuff
D1527 and D1528 Pie
Pans and Lids  Great for
treats or Potpourri. 6"
Diameter    Set of 2
Bisque $18.00 (4 pieces)
See more on
Gingerbread page
B3112 Pharaoh
9" Tall
Bisque $19.17
B3103  Nefertiti
11 1/8 " Tall
Bisque $19.17
CM1218 Birds for Log
Bisque $12.00
CM1175 Log
Bisque $18.00
See more log sets in our
Outdoor Page
D548&D549 Country
Fence and Base Bisque
D560 Country Girl and
Bisque $9.00
Silk flowers not included
on bisque
Finished Set (includes
flowers, but may not be
the same as pictured)
$39.50 you may specify
a color scheme
OS847 Two Hands Jewelry
Display or Decorative Item
B100 Girl w Clock
Clockworks not in mold
11.5"  high
B3104 Sphinx Box 7 1/8"
Long     Bisque $8.00
S2868B&S2869 Cupid Box With Lid
Bisque $14.70
AR693 Oriental Elephant
Bisque $19.30
Chicken Stack
Bisque $ 10.49
NM1836 Pig
Stack 9.25"
Graduation Podium
9"T   Bisque
NM1969 Golf Bag 8"
Bisque $8.99
NM1846 Cow
Stack 9"
Bisque $
K2978  Birdhouse Condos 6 1/2"H x
10 1/2"L
Bisque  $11.40
B992 Utensil holder or
Paint Brush/Tool Caddy 7"T
Bisque $12.60
D518 Butterfly Lid with
D391 Stuffed Box  See
more on our
S242 Apples Set of 3
Bisque $7.50
S1263 Picture Frame
Bisque $6.30
S2978 Elephant Shelf 11"W
Bisque $16.80
M150 & M153 Dolls can be
used for lace draping
Bisque $8.00 each
DH2504 Dragonfly Plaque  11"Dia
Bisque $ 13.19
DH2505 Hummingbird Plaque  11"Dia
Bisque $13.19
DH2605  Angel Plaque
Bisque $13.19
H128 Ship/Lighthouse Stein
Bisque $9.60
AT 135 Pitcher 81/2"H Bisque
AT 135 a Bowl for Pitcher 11
3/4" W    Bisque $25.50
Ro758 Vintage Teapot Clock 8" x 9"
Bisque $
Clock Movements sold Separately
AR552 Divided Ashtray
AR443A Dove with beak on wing  
Bisque $5.94
AR443B Dove Facing Forward
Bisque $5.94
3"and 3.5"T
D1533-A Happy Sun Face
7.5"W  Bisque $7.20
Cupcake Cookie Jar
K3147 Bunnies with house
and clock (clock insert not
D1529-B Cracked Pot
Clowns (Set of 3) 5"H
Bisque $11.40
By992 Paint brush or Tool
Caddy     7"T
Bisque $12.60
G1227 Amish girl with quilt  
Bisque $
G1284 Amish Girl with
ducks 6"H  Bisque $12.50
BH1273-MM Plain Bell 7"H  Bisque $8.54
(Design not in mold, its a decal)
CM884 Sleep Bears Set of
three 4-5"T (Bow not in
Bisque $18.90
OS 1073 Girl with moon
Mask for wall  Bisque $
AT767 Pumpkin Plate, see
our Halloween page for
G1228  Amish Girl Sitting
Bisque $12.50
G1227 Amish Girl with
Quilt  Bisque $12.50