Occupations (even if you are a volunteer)
K1U Fireman Saving Kitten Box Lid 7"
Bisque $9.00

K129 8 Sided Clock Mount   10" Dia
Bisque $15.00
Lid can also be used with plain box bottom

K1  Plain Box Bottom (flowers are painted on
in picture)   Bisque $10.50

H156 A & B Fireman
Stein $14.40 ea
NM2817    Policeman
with Flag

Bisque $10.00
NM2500 Fireman 8 1/2 " Tall
Bisque $10.00
Finshed $20.00
H179 A & B Policeman Stein
Bisque $!4.40 Each
S844 Policeman Bear
Bisque $10.08
Railroad Engineer
CM2428-FF Saluting Military Bear
8 1/2"T
Bisque $17.40
ST854 Hunter Bear
Bisque $10.08

H155A&B-O Train Stein
$14.40 each
H314A&B-O Football Stein
$14.40 each