Babys and Kids
Rocking Horse
Bisque $12.00
K1171 Pacifier Bear
or Lamp  Please specify
when ordering if you want
a bank, so we can cut the
slot. 9" Tall   Bisque $15.18
K1487 Dragon Bank
Bisque $
K961 Soft Sculptured Frog
7.5"T  Bisque $11.39
K1090 Soft Sculptured Dinosaur
Bisque $13.00
K904 Soft Sculptured Dog
7"T Bisque $13.28
D333 Soft Sculptured Bear  9"T  Bisque $ 14.70
( holds a touch tone music box)
Can be used as a bank or lamp
if ordering bank, you must specify when ordering
so we can cut the slot
K930 Soft Sculptured Snail
7.5" T   Bisque  $ 11.39
CM-R 176 Football Bank
Bisque $9.00
Finished $18.00
(not quite NFL size)
See our sweet tot page for
these cuties
S1089 Soft Sculptured
Bunny  Bisque $13.28
S1072 Rocking Horse Bisque
Finished $29.99
D975 Round Ruffled Pillow
Base  7"W Bisque $6.40
D346-C Soft Sculptured
Triangle Base 9"W
Bisque $7.92
D333-C Musical Soft Sculpture Bear
indentation behind fabric pom
Pom pom sold seperately.
Can be used as a bank or a lamp  Bisque
Finished $29.99 (music box and pom pom
may be seperate)
Bear Laying  Bisque $8.40
H2287 Bear Bookend
Set of Two Bisque $
S1074 Clowns for Bookends
Set of two Bisque $
S1014 Bookends Set of two
Bisque $
AL 336  Bear with tree 6"H
Bisque  $8.11
Finished $16.22
Temporarily Unavailable
( which means he's lost
D319 Large Butterfly  Bisque $9.90
D320 Medium Butterfly  Bisque $6.30
D321 Small Butterfly  Bisque  $5.40
CM916 Sock Bunny with
buttons Bisque $6.30
Finished $12.00
D1937 Loved A Lot Bunny
6.75" Bisque $8.70
Finished $17.40
P623  Soft Sculptured
S392 Panda and her baby
Bowties have been added to
Bisque $ 9.00  
Finished $18.00
G3500 Bear w/Pacifier  10"H  
Bisque $ 15.00
Finished $29.00

G3497 Knobby Bear w/ Sweater
9" H  Bisque $15.00
Finished $29.99
Lg Smiling Elephant 12"T x 9"
Finished $37.50  Can easily be
made into a bank, must let us
know you want a bank when
ordering, we have to cut the
slot in greenware.
Small Elephant on his back
4"t x 3" x 4"
Bisque $5.00
Finiahed $10.00
Medium Sitting Elephant
7"T x 6"w x 5"
Bisque $7.50
Finished $15.00
Both of these could easily be
put on a base and made into
Flat Finish
Lt Grey     Darker Grey
Personalized and shiny
D271 Three Little Dragons
4"H Bisque $11.40
S937 Doll,Train and
K973 Sm Soft Sculpt Bunny
6.5"T  Bisque $12.04 Can
be made into a bank,clock
or lamp
CM1588 Baby Bears First
Christmas Cuddle
Bisque $6.30
Ma384-NP Baby Rattle Planter
Bisque $8.40 2.5"T
Ma658 Two little Bassinets
3"T  Bisque $7.20
Finished $14.40
J683 Carousel Horse
D1949-A Loved-A-Lot
Teddy 5"H  Bisque $8.70
S1568 Small Teddy Bear
Bisque $4.80
J682 Carousel Horse Plaque
G3499 Girl Teddy Bear in Sweater
Bisque $15,00
Finished $29.99
K1485-L Two Cute Dinos
4"T      Bisque $6.95
CM-J787 Mop Bunny
Bisque $13.65
CM-J788 Baby Mop Bunny
Bisque $3.90
S2753 -NN1    Sleeping Dino  Bisque  $8.64
CMGB3375-FF  3 Bulldozers
Bisque $15.90
CMGB3376-FF    3 Semi
Bisque $14.40