Old West
These items now sold locally
only in Greenware (half the
bisque price)
OA283 Stage Coach
Bisque $7.80
OA282 Set of two horses (4
shown)  Bisque $5.70
OA284 Covered Wagon 6"L
Bisque $8.40
OA278 Wagon Wheel (Set of
two) Bisque $3.60
OA279 Tree (Vulture not
included) Bisque $5.40
OA240-C Coyotee
and Cactus Bisque
Mountain Backdrop and
Base (Intended to use
with stagecoach and
wagon Bisque $16.80
Buffalos and other
accessories not included
OA240-C and OA 278-C
Both of these are just
parts in molds so they
are price accordingly
Bisque $4.80

S301 Elf Wreath Shown
in Green or Blue
DM339B 2 Clydesdales
4.5"H Sold locally in
greeenware only
K2824 Mountain Man
Bisque $19.09
K2414 Gun Powder Horn
S1852 Set of 2 Longhorn Skulls 4"

O207 Set of two skullls 4"
Bisque $4.49
K1682&K1683 Longhorn Skull 16.5"L
Bisque $37.80
This picture will be replaced as
soon as I have time to make
one of these.  He's pretty cool
Also see our Farm Life and Horses page for more
K2208 Mountain Man 10.5"T
Bisque $15.87