Day's End
Original  Watercolor Matted
and Framed $50.00
A weary indian returns after a
long journey.   
Hoffman Artworks      Sandy's Gallery 3
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"Lexinton Sunset":  Watercolor
Original  $50.00
"Sir Reginal and his Crew"
Patagonia Puffins
Original Watercolor $70.00
Northwestern Pacific Orcas:  Two
Orcas swim quietly by.  Original
Watercolor $70.00  Matted in Dk
Green and framed in Black
Lighthouse Keepers Cottage
Original Watercolor $70.00
Day's End Print
Pacific Orcas Print
Sir Reginal and His Crew Print
Lighthouse Cottage Dark Rocks
Lighthouse Keepers
Cottage w/ dark rocks
Original Watercolor $70.00