Sea Life
G1077 Dolphin Ring 10.5"T
Bisque $19.11
DH 1449 Killer Whale
12" Tall Bisque $ 20.09
NM2199 Manatee with
Calf  6.25"  Bisque $7.89
14"T x 15"W
Bisque $23.10
We purchased this mold
from a company going
out of business.  The
owner was nice enough
to let us take a picture
of her sample.  Thanks
again Elaine!
Little Fish
NM1927  Whale Stack
8.5" T  Bisque $11.38
G2343 & G2342 Dolphins on Wave Base
Bisque $15.99
G2340   Seal Pups  8"L x 7"T
Bisque $19.89 set
G2339  Baby Sea Otter
8"L  Bisque $13.77
NM1935 Dolphin Stack 9.5"
Bisque $10.49
DH1908 Driftwood Bass
10.5"x 6.5"
Bisque $ 17.99
M196 Seagul on Pylons
5"H x 9"W  Bisque $7.80
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AR 905 Lg Seagull Sitting  7"H x 14"L
Bisque $20.40
AR907 Lg Seagull In Flight  6.75"H x 16"W x 15"L  
Bisque $ 38.11
AR1052 Sitting Seagull  10" x 5"  Bisque $9.60
AR1063 Seagull Wings Up  11.25" x 12.5"W  Bisque $ 22.80
CR1046 Fancy Goldfish  13.5" x 8"
Bisque $28.50