DH2369 Fox and Frog 6" x 11.5"
Bisque $16.49
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Mermaid on
Rocks  9 1/4"H
Bisque $15.00
B3137 Moonlight Serenade
Bisque $
CPI 3145 Squirrels on Birdhouse
14" Tall Bisque $21.60
CM 617 Fish
Bisque $32.40
CM 1741 Siesta Bears
Bisque $
CPI 3147 Birdhouse
Clock with Bunnies.  Let
us know if you want a
hole cut for the clock.  
Bisque $ 11.70
CPI 3149 Summer
CPI 3158 Racoon with
Birdhouse 8.5" Tall
Bisque $9.90
AR693 Fancy Elephant
Bisque $19.30
DH1908 Driftwood Bass
10.5" x 6.5" Bisque 17.99
A733 Round Base
6.75" Diameter
Bisque $4.77
B1217 Sand Dollars
Set of 5  Sizess
Bisque $6.27
CM850 Fisherman Fish
Bisque $6.00
CM853 Oval Trophy Base
Bisque $4.20
CM3479 Conifer Cottage
Without bulbs Bisque
$15.00 Bulb price
depends on store
prices...you can always
add them yourself
CM3690 Shimmer Standing
Fairy Bisque $16.50
Bulbs Available Separately
while they last
CM3691 Shine Sitting Fairy
Bisque $16.50
CM3537 Cinder Dragon
Hugging her favorite pet
Bisque $ 24.00
CM1760 Hockey Bear
Bisque $19.50
CM1123 Small Snowflake
S1792 Clawfoot Bathtub
(can be used as a planter)
7.5"L  Bisque $8.10

Cer1791 Bathtub plain
Bisque $12.99
Y562 Lg McCaw 17"Tall
Bisque $41.08
S2963 A&B-K Nuturing
Giraffe  11.5"H Bisque $18.30