CERAMICS IN MICHIGAN                                    NEW ARRIVALS
CR1026 Fancy Goldfish  13.5" x 8"
Bisque $28.50
S491 3 Babies  2.5"T
Bisque $4.80
S854 Hunter Bear     Bisque $8.40
CM3953-N Cozy Teapot 6.75"T x 8.5" W
Bisque $21.00

CM3952-N Enchanted Cottage Teapot
11"t X 8"W  Bisque $24.00
D1533-A Happy Sun Face
7.5"W  Bisque $7.20
AT314a and AT314b  "Icicle" Tree
and Base
Bisque $ 45.60  NEW MOLD
CM3927-N Fairy Garden Log Bottom
3"T x 14"L x 7"D  Bisque $27.00
D1949-A Loved-A-Lot
Teddy 5"H  Bisque $8.70
CM3879-M Lg Top Hat Ghost
CM3818 Top Hat
CM3883-N Lg Top Hat Ghost
Steins $14.40 ea
S-A283& S-A284 Chess
S301 Elf Wreath Shown
in Green or Blue
K2674 Indian with Eagle
Wall Hanging  16"W
Bisque $19.13
K2824 Mountain
Man 12"T
Bisque $19.09
K2624 Buffalo Peace Pipe 6.5"L
Bisque $5.29
K2632 Antler Pipe Holder 4"T
Bisque $5.66
K2630 Wolf Peace Pipe
Bisque $
K2329 Door
K2330 Base
K2331 Jesus Knocking ( don't
have quite yet)
K3036 Garden Angel   14"T
Bisque $15.90
K2631 Eagle Peace Pipe
K2632 Antler Pipe
Holder 4"T  Bisque $5.66
K2903 Praying Hands
5.5"T  BIsque $4.83
K2885 Male Indian Angel
11"T  Bisque $13.80
K2414 Gun Powder Horn
K2527 Lg Wolf Laying
16.5"L  Bisque $29.40
K3022-G Dragon Pipe
8.5"L  Bisque $4.50
D558-C Victorian Girl
12"T Bisque $16.50
K2393&K2394 Jesus
and Children  
Bisque $12.90
K2676 Lg Eagle on log
17"L    Bisque $29.10
K2315 Indian Totem
with Eagle  10"T
Bisque $9.66
K2513 Hasnt arrived yet
K2516 Jesus for Log
Bisque $6.90    7"T
K2463 Indian and
Wolves Arrowhead
K2702 Candle Holder
Base (Not here yet)
K2703 3 Angels Candle
K2046 & K2047 Lg Dragon
Bisque $23.43  10.5"T
K2715 &K2716 Dragon  
Bisque $18.00   8"T
K2521 Lg Eagle Claw
Peace Pipe  12"L  
Bisque $6.90
K3112 Male Guardian

K2629 Small Eagle Claw
Pipe  6.5"L  Bisque $4.80

K2291 Lg Eagle Peace
Pipe  22"L   Bisque  
S1483 Yawning Pumpkin  
Bisque $6.90
S1484 Crying Pumpkin
Bisque $6.90
S1485  Sleeping Pumpkin
Bisque $6.30
Cer1918 Medium Carved
Swan 7 1/2 "H
Bisque $17.96
S3480 French Country
Wreath 17"W  Bisque $24.30
G2864 Rennaissance Angel
14"H  Bisque $32.00
K2912 Dove CandleHolder with
Cross   Bisque $10.50