CR1026 Fancy Goldfish  13.5" x 8"
Bisque $28.50
S491 3 Babies  2.5"T
Bisque $4.80
S854 Hunter Bear     Bisque $8.40
D1949-A Loved-A-Lot
Teddy 5"H  Bisque $8.70
Steins $14.40 ea
S-A283& S-A284 Chess
S2868 Floral Box
Bisque $9.90
CM3375  Bulldozer
Set of 3  Bisque $15.00
CMSemi  Set of 3
Bisque $13.50
P441 Rainy Kids
Bisque $13.22
S2620-QQ  Lg Nurturing Duck
9"T  Bisque $19.50
J710-KK Tree Nest                     Bisque   $ 17.40
J711-KK Pebble Base                   Bisque   $15.90
J739-KK Cat on Pumpkin Stack  Bisque   $8.40
J740_KK Vultures                          Bisque   $5.40
J710-KK Tree Nest               Bisque $17.40
J711-KK Pebble Base           Bisque $15.90
708-KK Bunny Reaching       Bisque $20.70
709-KK 2 Birds/3 Bunnies     Bisque $17.40
K3254 Garden Turtle
Bisque $19.80
K3059 Bird with bud vase  
Bisque $6.90
K3307 & K3308 Ltd Water
Dragon  Bisque 25.00 (This
item slightly higher because of
all the difficult cleaning)
S1360-PP Lamp Post                     Bisque $7.20
S1356-PP Base to Carolers           Bisque $10.20
S1500-PP Dad Caroler                    Bisque $8.40
S1501-PP Mom Caroler                   Bisque $8.10
S1502-PP Girl Caroler                     Bisque  $5.40
S1502-PP Boy Caroler                    Bisque $5.40

Order the complete set  #S1360S1502Set  $44.70
K2052 Basketball Player
Bisque $15.30  10"T
CPI 2061 Base  Bisque $6.60
CM2247 Boo Ghosts
Bisque $17.40
S2470-PP Shelf Sitter Donkey  
Bisque $7.80
S2176-PP Puppy Shelf Sitter
Bisque $7.20
S2795-PP Husky or Wolf (how you paint it)
Shelf Sitter
Bisque $4.80
S2794-PP Schnauzer  Shelf Sitter
Bisque $4.80
CM4062  Jack the Pumpkin
Stack  Bisque $18.90
Star Cut outs extra
CM4065  Quintet of Crows
Bisque $17.40  Set of 5
S2753 Sleeping Dino  Bisque  $7.20
S2338-QQ Laying, Sleeping Pig  
14"L  Bisque $18.90

S1702-QQ Lg Swan  17"L
Bisque $21.60
S2790-QQ Lg Pug   15'L  
Bisque  $18.90
S2792-PP Sm Shelf Sitter Pug
Bisque $4.80
S2796-PP  Dog House  Bisque  $7.80
D613 Victorian Girl  "Spring"
Bisque $16.50    12"T
D533 Victorian Girl "Summer" 12"T
Bisque $16.50
D558-C Victorian Girl "Autumn"
Bisque $16.50  12"T
D608 Victorian Girl "Winter"
Bisque $16.50
CM3301-JJ Set of 3 Gingerbread Girls
CM3302-JJ Set of 3 Gingerbread Boys
CM3303-JJ Set of 3 Gingerbread Trees
Each set Bisque $15.90 each
Garth the Gnome with
Football  (we do not have
the flag, but are trying to
find a licensed supplier)
Frey the Gnome with
Flowers/ Waving
Bisque  $
We even have the
hummingbird on our
outdoor page
Frey waving
Saluting Military
Bisque $17.40
CM4068  GB Spooky Ghosts (Set of 3)
Bisque $20.70
S1495ABC   Lg Turtle