CERAMICS IN MICHIGAN                                    NEW ARRIVALS
CR1026 Fancy Goldfish  13.5" x 8"
Bisque $28.50
S491 3 Babies  2.5"T
Bisque $4.80
S854 Hunter Bear     Bisque $8.40
D1949-A Loved-A-Lot
Teddy 5"H  Bisque $8.70
Steins $14.40 ea
S-A283& S-A284 Chess
D558-C Victorian Girl
12"T Bisque $16.50
S2868 Floral Box
Bisque $9.90
CM3470&CM3473 A pets faithful love
rock memorial.  You could also put
ashes inside.  Great for cats or dogs.  

Bisque $28.50
CM3375  Bulldozer
Set of 3  Bisque $15.00
CMSemi  Set of 3
Bisque $13.50
D1844 Oval Stone Look
Basket 9"H  Bisque $15.80
D1844 Stone Look Basket
9"H  Bisque $23.70
D1609 Cracked Pot Bear
9.5"H  Bisque $18.00