St Patrick's Day
D1261 Leprechaun Lid Bisque $15.48
D1173 Bloomer Body Bisque $7.92
D1240 Boots $4.68
Set $28.08

Bonus*****Once the inside is glazed this
piece can be used to hold Cookies,
Candy, Flowers, Jewelry, Little
NM1838 Shamrock Stack 9 1/4" x 2 1/2"
Bisque $11.39
D1393 Teddy Bear Shamrock Insert ( set of two) $6.00
D1336 Seasons Box Lid
Bisque $5.40
D1338 Seasons Box
Bisque $6.60
CM1303 St Patrick's Day Girl Bear
10"T  Bisque $27.00
CM1302 St Patrick's Day Boy Bear
10"T  Bisque $27.00
K1654-D Leprechaun Blinkie  Bisque $6.68
K1655-D Leprechaun Blinkie  Bisque $6.68
We have adapted this mold,so it no longer needs blinkies
( see pics)