Ornaments and other
small stuff
is Table Top Size and
the bulb can be a color
of your choice
J414 Sm Sleigh Bells
Ornaments  1.5" Tall
Bisque $4.80
D229 Set of Three
Snowpeople Magnets
Bisque $3.30
Butterfly Magnets
Bisque $3.30
D598-C Angel ornaments set
of 5 Bisque $11.70
3.5" Long
S1926 Cherub Ornaments Set
of 4    3"T
Bisque $5.40
D939 Lollipop Character
Ornaments 2"W (Set of Four)
great to add to a package
Bisque $5.40
D933 Hands to Lollipops
(order one set)  Bisque $2.25
Sucker Sticks available
D223 Set pf Three Geese
Bisque $3.30
CM659-N Set of three
Snowman  Bisque $13.50
D811&D813 Bell
Ornaments Set of 6
Bisque $23.04
Ornaments Set of 6
Bisque $16.20
D1579 Mitten Candy Cane Holders 5"H
Bisque $ 8.10 Set of 2
D1580 Stocking Candy Cane Holdes 5"H
Bisque $ 8.10 set of 2
K2419 Two Canoes 5"L   
Can be used as ornaments
Set of Two  Bisque $4.14
K2417 Two Drums 1.5"T
Set of 2   Bisque $4.14
CM1123 Snowflake
Ornaments Bisque $9.00
S790 Set of Four Ornaments
D684 Eskimos with Hearts
Set of 2  Bisque $3.60
D457 Musical Mouse
Ornament  9"H  
Bisque $19.95
Finished $ 39.99
D949-C Ice Cream Ornaments (4)   Bisque $7.50 3.5"H
D933 Mittens  3/4 "  Bisque $2.25   Hole in top for you
to choose method of hanging, or let us know and we
will add ornament hooks (small charge for them)  
Provide your own pipe cleaners or ask us to get them
for you.
C585 Musical
Ornaments Set of 3
Bisque $6.00
D683 Set of Two Ornaments
3"H  Bisque $3.60
D377 Family Ornaments
Bisque $6.60
D481 Birdhouse
2"H  Bisque $3.90
TB1248 Swirl Angels Set of 2
TB360 wo Santa Faces 4"
Bisque $
D047  Ice skates
D480 Sled Ornament 4"L
Bisque $3.90
CMJ429 Ornament Hanger
Shown in Green, Red Ivory
and Gold    5.5"H
Bisque $12.00
S1766 Madonna and Child Ornaments
Set of Three   Bisque $5.10
S1514-MM  Lace Hat ornaments
(set of Two)  Bisque $ 6.30
Decorations not included in Bisque
or Greenware
Ornaments  Bisque $9.30
D519 3 Victorian Girl Ornament
Bisque $8.40
S2528 (3) Elf Icicles
Orn  Bisque $7.50

S2509-MM  (3) Bear
Orn Bisque $7.50
D1245-A Teddy Bear Ornaments (Set of 6)
4"H   Bisque $13.20
D258-A  Soft Sculpture
ornaments set of 3 One each of
Star, Wreath, Candy Cane  3"W
Bisque $ 6.60
DS748-A  Kitten Posie 3"H
Bisque $3.90 each
Does not include pipe
cleaners or yarn
D749-A  Puppy Posie  3"H
Bisque $3.90 each
Does not include pipe cleaners or
D747-A Chimp Posie 3"H
Bisque $3.90 each
Does not include pipe cleaners or
D824-A Reindeer Posie
Bisque $3.90 each
Does not include pipe cleaners or
D1037-A Santa Bungee Jumper Ornaments
Set of 5"H
Bisque $4.80
D1038-Teddy Bear Bungees (set of 2)
Set of two Bisque $4.80  5"H
D482 Ladle Ornaments 4"L
Bisque $3.90
D542 Victorain Cameo Ornaments
(Set of 3)
Bisque $9.00
CM-J662 Set of Three
Carousel Horse Head
Ornaments 3"T ( stick sold
seperately) Bisque $16.50
NM 409 Noah's Ark
Ornament  2.5" x 3.5"  
Bisque $4.49
CM867 Santa and Star Garland Pieces  
Bisque $16.50
CM1643 Snowflake Ornaments
1/2" to 1 1/2"
Set of  
Bisque $12.00
RV346 Two Teddy Bears in Wreaths
Bisque $5.99
NM2017 Football and Soccer
Ornaments  2" Set of one each
Bisque $5.99
D597 Mailbox Ornaments
Set of three  Bisque $7.80
D085 Old Time Radio
NM2187  Santa on The
Train 3.25"  Bisque $3.59
D1477 Ginger Hearts (set of 6) 2.5"H  Bisque $8.10

D1464 Ginger Boys 3.5"H  (Set of 3)  Bisque $5.40
D1465 Ginger Girls 3.5"H  (Set of 3)  Bisque $5.40
A276 Dragon Ornament Bisque
Vintage Ornaments
D936-A Mini Bulb Character
Ornaments (set of 8)
Bisque $11.70
D933 Mini Mittens, Boots, and
Skates (4 pair)   Bisque $4.50 (order
two sets for this bulb set)
D932 Bulb Babies (Set of 8)
D933 Mittens, Boots, Skates (order
two sets) Bisque (one Set )
S1527 Mailbox/Birdhous
Bisque $5.40
D1229 Set of 3 Gingerbread Boys
3.5"H  Bisque $6.60 set
D1488 Ginger Stars to
Make Tree  5"W   
Bisque $ 7.50
Teacup Ornaments 3"H set
of 3 Bisque $6.00
TB356 Bungi Animals set of 3
D 282 3 Soft Sculptured Bells
D258-A    3 Asst Soft Sculpt Orn
CM-J662 Three Carousel Horse
Heads 3"T
Bisque $16.50
CM4095-O One Lg Jack Ornament
6.5"T x 5.5"w Bisque $15.90

CM4096-O  Three GB Jack Ornament
4.25"T x 4.75"W Bisque $20.70

CM4097-O Six Jack Ornaments
2.25”T x 2”W Bisque $12.60
Fre***   Extra Large Ornament for Displays
Bisque $
CM3301-JJ Set of 3 Gingerbread Girls
CM3302-JJ Set of 3 Gingerbread Boys
CM3303-JJ Set of 3 Gingerbread Trees
Each set Bisque $15.90 each