DH2402 Eagle Bust
Bisque $21.00
Finished $35.00
DH2400 American Flag 11" x 8"  
Bisque $20.09
DH2401 Eagle Attachment 12" x 7"  
Bisque $11.39
Bisque Set $31.48
DH 2404 USA Plaque
Bisque $16.50
We do not have the eagle
attachment shown (2405)
CP3728 Eagle. Wolf, Bear 11"
Tall  Bisque $19.50
Finished $35.00
DH1430 Eagle Perching
On Rocks 10" Tall
Bisque $33.29
Finished $39.95
M531 Lg Majestic Eagle   The size alone on
this beauty is impressive.  Pickup or
delivery only on this item.  Wings are too
delicate to ship.  Bisque $39.19
Finished $75.00
M836 Master of the Sky
16"  Bisque $31.65
By3001 Flying Eagle
Bisque $9.00
Finished $18.00
KF1 Framed Eagle Picture  12" x 13"
Bisque $24.00
Finished $48.00
DH620  Eagle Decanter $20.09
DH619 Decanter Stopper  Bisque $2.00
DH1354  Eagle with
Bisque $
DH1867  Driftwood Eagles Fighiting
16.5" x 8.5"
Bisque $ 28.43
DH2681 Driftwood Eagles
11"T x 4"W
Bisque $23.69
D    Seasons Welcome Plaque  
Bisque $
D2033  Seasons Eagle Insert (one)
K2282 Eagle in Driftwood
S2797 Eagle In Flight w/Rocks
Rocks Shown here with a
Clock ( you dont have to put a
clock in it)
Bisque $
K2676 Lg Eagle on log
17"L    Bisque $29.10
K2521 Lg Eagle Claw Peace
Pipe  12"L  Bisque $6.90
K2629 Small Eagle Claw Pipe  6.5"L  
Bisque $4.80
K2291 Lg Eagle Peace Pipe  22"L   
Bisque  $8.63
K2631 Eagle Peace Pipe
K2632 Antler Pipe
Holder 4"T  Bisque $5.66
DH2259 Lg Driftwood Eagle
Bisque $