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Wreaths and Trees

Finished Wax Melting Pots:  Put
a tea light in the back of these
and the wax melts down to
release the scent.   $15.00  
Choose from Snowman or Winter
Remember those
unexplained long distance
calls? Perhaps mischief
was afoot?  Do you
suppose they are calling
Santa? The dial turns to
wind a music box.  Choose
from several tunes or use
your own.  
Mice Phone Set  13"H
Bisque $18.90
LG Winter Scene Santa
Bisque Ready to Paint or
Size 17.5 T x 9.5 W
Light KIt Free with the
purchase of the Finished
Size 17.5 T x 9.5 W
CM1635 Happy
Holidays Penguin
Bisque Price
Gare 2416 Wreath Light
Bisque $10.20
CM1637 Penquins w
$12.00 bisque for the
D705 Tree Trimmer Girl 18.5  "
Bisque $31.50

D706 Tree Trimmer Boy
14" Tall
Bisque $19.80
A160,A161,A162 Bisque
G2551 I'll Be Home for
Christmas Bugle  7"T
Bisque $ 10.20
G896 Christmas Carol
Book Bisque $24.60

G897 Victorian Carolers
Family Bisque $11.40
D1243 Hand In Hand
Gingerbread Double Sided 2 sets
Shown Each side.  There are two
pieces per mold and four faces (one
each side)
D1243aBoy Gingerbread
D1243b Girl Gingerbread
Bisque $ 24.90 per set
D1246 Reindeer Bloomer Lid 8"H
Bisque $13.20
D1173 Bloomer Bottom 3.75"H
Bisque $6.60
Opens up to hold your
treasures.  What a neat way to
hold your holiday treats!
P507 Spirit of Christmas Lg
8.75"   Bisque $25.20
P453 Spirit of Christmas Small  
6.25"  Bisque $11.70
D1492 Silly Penquins 4"H
Bisque $13.59
P695 Christmas Swan 6.5"
Bisque $11.55
S1133 Row of Ducks Bisque $8.40
S1183 Santa Hats Set of four Bisque $5.40
D1340 Sleepy
Reindeer for Santa
Cap Bisque $5.40
D1341 Santa Cap
Bisque $ 10.80
D1360Sleepy Penquin
for Santa Cap
Bisque $  5.40
D1341 Santa Cap
Bisque $ 10.80
S2446 Nutcracker Roly
Poly Top  Bisque $ 7.80
Roly Poly Dish/Base Bisque
$ 4.50  Set $12.30
G2677 White Christmas
Drum Light  7" T
Bisque $10.80
D572A&B and D579 Victorian Lantern and
Base  Bisque $14.80  Finished price may vary
dependent on cost of floral decor
D1242 Nativiy Basket
12"H  Bisque $ 13.20
Specify if you want a
hole for a light  ( you
could also put a tea
light in here
D548&D549 Fence and Base
Bisque $10.80

D581 Bunnies and Mailbox
Bisque $9.30
Finished $39.99
K1396 & K1397 Noel Bears &
Noel Sign
Bisque Set $24.43
Just Bears   Bisque $14.43
Noel Sign   Bisque $3.00
D1587 Cracked Pot Gnomes
Bisque $12.60
S752,S782 Santa Music Box Movement
Your choice  Bisque $19.80
Music Movements sold seperately
K949 Three Soft Sculpt
Penguins w Hats 4.5" Tall
Bisque $15.94 Set
S1511 Bethlehem Stable/Shadow
Box    Bisque $12.60  
S1512 Nativity Insert   Bisque
D837 Toboggan 14"L
Bisque $14.70

D846 Cat for Toboggan
5"H  Bisque $6.00

D847 Mice for Toboggan
3"H  Bisque $5.40
Click on Einstein to send us a line
with your order.  Please include
item number and descritpion
D688 Mice for Clock
2"H  Bisque $3.60
CM483andCM485 Nativity
Bisque $31.00 Set
DM321 Napkin Rings (Set of 4)
4"T   Bisque $7.50
D713 Mantle Clock 6"H  Bisque $13.20
CM2153JJ Three Candle Hats
3.5" to 4.5"  Bisque $11.40
Cm2152 Two Small Candle
Hat Penguins 5"T  
Bisque $16.50
CM2160 Lg Candle Hat Bear
Bisque $22.50
CM2149 Lg Candle Hat
Snowman  Bisque $26.40
CM1097 Drummer Bear
Bisque $13.50
H2614 Toy Soldier  20.5"H
Bisque $45.60
K2233 and K2234 Santa in Carved
Log  Bisque Set $17.10
Just Log 15.5" Long Bisque $12.16
Santa and Sleigh Bisque $4.50
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Christmas II
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Trees and Wreaths
Gare Santas
D1048 Stuffed Shirt Bear
S1203 Poinsettia Candles  
Holly leaves on reverse side
Bisque $15.60 set
light holes are sized for candleabra
unless otherwise requested
CM3818 Lg Top Hat
Bisque $27.00
CM3820 Lg Top Hat Snowman
Bisque $6.00
G975 White Christmas Book
Bisque $18.60

G976 Sleigh and people
Bisque $9.30
G898 Nativity Book Bisque $24.60

G899 Nativity Figures
Bisque $11.40
G2679 Christmas
Dreams Drumlight  7"T
Bisque $10.80
G2229andG2234 White
Christmas Light and Lid
Bisque  $13.80   7" T
CM988 Bears Set of 3
Bisque $7.20
CM989 Holly Leaves
for Bears  Bisque $4.20
D245 Goose Box And
Lid Set 8"H
Bisque $11.40
D548 & D549 Fence and
Base  Bisque $10.80
D555   Cardinals or
Bisque $4.80
LS540-D Set of Two
Santa Boots
S1328 Mailbox
Moon and Base
Bisque $7.50   An
impressive piece to make!
See Our Angel Page for this
and other Angels
Other Christmas Pages
(Other than those above)
Christmas II
Christmas III
D337-C Girl Caroler Bisque $12.60
D338-C Boy Caroler  Bisque $12.60
D339 Lamp post Bisque $8.70
D340 Caroler Base Bisque $8.70
Complete lighted set $115.00
S1356 Base Bisque $7.50
S1358 Set of Three Quackers $22.50
S1360 Lamp Post  
Not currently Available
D480 Country Sled 4.5"L  Bisque $ 3.90
D595 Toys 1"H  Bisque $6.30
D818 Decorated Xmas Tree (4 shown)   Bisque $12.90
D820 Baby Birds 1"H  Bisque $5.40
D904 Brick and Rail Fence (2 sets shown)  Bisque $8.70
D943 Elf Hands on Hips 7.75"H  Bisque $8.40
D944 Elf Sitting 7.5"H  Bisque $8.40
D945 Elf Pushing  Bisque $8.40
D946 Elf w/mail bag 7"H  Bisque $8.40
D947 Elf Accessories 4"H  Bisque $7.80
D948 North Pole Sign, Pillars and Gate  7"W  Bisque $6.60
Set in Bisque as listed $158.16
D548 Fence Rails & D597-AA    Lg  
Fence Base  Bisque  $12.90

D592-AA Reindeer, Tree and
Packages  Bisque $12.60

D581 Bunnies and Mailbox
Bisque $9.30
D158 A,B&C-F Folkart
Sled  14.5"L
Bisque $19.80
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Penguin Light 9"
Bisque $ 28.50
AT685 Santa  Bisque $26.53
AT907 Mrs.Santa    14"T  Bisque $22.08
CM2562-JJ &CM2560-JJ
Rudolph Wait and Base  
Bisque $ 25.50
CM2943 Medium Bundle Up
Reindeer  Bisque $38.40
Scarf not included, ask if I
have any in stock and the
K1976, K1977 and K2118
Mr & Mrs Santa with stove
and Kitten   11 3/4"T
Bisque $39.90 for the set
one for a while, but a new one is coming in to
K2156 Starry Night Santa (We have had this
replace the one that is getting worn out). The
New one has ARRIVED    Bisque $13.20 ea.
K2157  Santa In Log
Bisque $12.38
CM3858 Lg. Retro Trailer
5.5" T x 8"L x 4"W
Bisque $15.90
CM4102 Pickup Truck
4.5"T x 9.75" L
Bisque $18.90
Lights and Wreath On Camper
Not Included And Tree And
Wreath On Truck Not Included
Fre134 Lg Display Ornament 12"H
Bisque $20