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Wreaths and Trees

Finished Wax Melting Pots:  Put
a tea light in the back of these
and the wax melts down to
release the scent.   $15.00  
Choose from Snowman or Winter
Remember those
unexplained long distance
calls? Perhaps mischief
was afoot?  Do you
suppose they are calling
Santa? The dial turns to
wind a music box.  Choose
from several tunes or use
your own.  
Mice Phone Set  13"H
Bisque $22.68
LG Winter Scene Santa
Bisque Ready to Paint or
Size 17.5 T x 9.5 W
Light KIt Free with the
purchase of the Finished
Size 17.5 T x 9.5 W
CM1635 Happy
Holidays Penguin
Bisque Price
Gare 2416 Wreath Light
Bisque $10.20
CM1637 Penquins w
$12.00 bisque for the
D705 Tree Trimmer Girl 18.5  "
Bisque $31.50

D706 Tree Trimmer Boy
14" Tall
Bisque $19.80
A160,A161,A162 Bisque
G2551 I'll Be Home for
Christmas Bugle  7"T
Bisque $ 10.20
G896 Christmas Carol
Book Bisque $24.60

G897 Victorian Carolers
Family Bisque $11.40
D1243 Hand In Hand Gingerbread
Double Sided 2 sets Shown Each side.  
There are two pieces per mold and
four faces (one each side)
D1243aBoy Gingerbread
D1243b Girl Gingerbread
Bisque $ 24.90 per set
To order as pictured Please order
D1243ax2= $49.80
D1243b x 2= 49.80  Total $99.60
We can also make you a bow, price
dependent on material selected
P507 Spirit of Christmas Lg
8.75"   Bisque $25.20
P453 Spirit of Christmas Small  
6.25"  Bisque $11.70
D1492 Silly Penquins 4"H
Bisque $13.59
P695 Christmas Swan 6.5"
Bisque $11.55
S1133 Row of Ducks Bisque $8.40
S1183 Santa Hats Set of four Bisque $5.40
D1340 Sleepy
Reindeer for Santa
Cap Bisque $5.40
D1341 Santa Cap
Bisque $ 10.80
D1360Sleepy Penquin
for Santa Cap
Bisque $  5.40
D1341 Santa Cap
Bisque $ 10.80
S2446 Nutcracker Roly
Poly Top  Bisque $ 7.80
Roly Poly Dish/Base Bisque
$ 4.50  Set $12.30
G2677 White Christmas
Drum Light  7" T
Bisque $10.80
D572A&B and D579 Victorian Lantern and
Base  Bisque $14.80  Finished price may vary
dependent on cost of floral decor
D1242 Nativiy Basket
12"H  Bisque $ 13.20
Specify if you want a
hole for a light  ( you
could also put a tea
light in here
D548&D549 Fence and Base
Bisque $10.80

D581 Bunnies and Mailbox
Bisque $9.30
Finished $39.99
K1396 & K1397 Noel Bears &
Noel Sign
Bisque Set $24.43
Just Bears   Bisque $14.43
Noel Sign   Bisque $10.00
D1587 Cracked Pot Gnomes
Bisque $12.60
S752,S782 Santa Music Box Movement
Your choice  Bisque $19.80
Music Movements sold seperately
K949 Three Soft Sculpt
Penguins w Hats 4.5" Tall
Bisque $15.94 Set
S1511 Bethlehem Stable/Shadow
Box    Bisque $12.60  
S1512 Nativity Insert   Bisque
D837 Toboggan 14"L
Bisque $14.70

D846-E Cat for Toboggan
5"H  Bisque $6.00

D847 Mice for Toboggan
3"H  Bisque $5.40
Click on Einstein to send us a line
with your order.  Please include
item number and descritpion
D688 Mice for Clock
2"H  Bisque $3.60
CM483andCM485 Nativity
Bisque $31.00 Set
DM321 Napkin Rings (Set of 4)
4"T   Bisque $7.50
D713 Mantle Clock 6"H  Bisque $13.20
CM2153JJ Three Candle Hats
3.5" to 4.5"  Bisque $11.40
Cm2152 Two Small Candle
Hat Penguins 5"T  
Bisque $16.50
CM2160 Lg Candle Hat Bear
Bisque $22.50
CM2149 Lg Candle Hat
Snowman  Bisque $26.40
CM1097 Drummer Bear
Bisque $13.50
H2614 Toy Soldier  20.5"H
Bisque $45.60
K2233 and K2234 Santa in Carved
Log  Bisque Set $17.10
Just Log 15.5" Long Bisque $12.16
Santa and Sleigh Bisque $4.50
Also Christmas Pages

Christmas II
Christmas III
Trees and Wreaths
Gare Santas
D1048A Stuffed Shirt Bear
Bisque $21.60
D1047B Hands
Bisque $11.88
S1203 Poinsettia Candles  
Holly leaves on reverse side
Bisque $15.60 set
light holes are sized for candleabra
unless otherwise requested
CM3818 Lg Top Hat
Bisque $27.00
CM3820 Lg Top Hat Snowman
Bisque $6.00
G975 White Christmas Book
Bisque $18.60

G976 Sleigh and people
Bisque $9.30
G898 Nativity Book Bisque $31.99

G899 Nativity Figures
Bisque $14.99
G2679 Christmas
Dreams Drumlight  7"T
Bisque $10.80
G2229andG2234 White
Christmas Light and Lid
Bisque  $13.80   7" T
CM988 Bears Set of 3
Bisque $7.20
CM989 Holly Leaves
for Bears  Bisque $4.20
D245 Goose Box And
Lid Set 8"H
Bisque $11.40
D548 & D549 Fence and
Base  Bisque $10.80
Bisque $4.80
LS540-D Set of Two
Santa Boots
S1328 Mailbox
G2483 Base  Bisque $5.10
G2484 Santa Moon
Bisque $22.11
An impressive piece to
Let us know when ordering
whether you want to light it
See Our Angel Page for this
and other Angels
Other Christmas Pages
(Other than those above)
Christmas II
Christmas III
D337-C Girl Caroler Bisque $12.60
D338-C Boy Caroler  Bisque $12.60
D339 Lamp post Bisque $8.70
D340 Caroler Base Bisque $8.70
Complete lighted set $115.00
CM3394 Sm Candle Gate Scene  
8.75"T x 6.75"W x 5"D
Bisque $
CM3398 Sm Candle Base 2.75"T
x 10"L x 8.25 D
Bisque $
CM3398 Handle 5.75" x 4"L x
Bisque $
CM 3181   Choice of Cardinal  Tail
up or Tail straight out  
Bisque $3.98
S1356 Base Bisque $7.50
S1358 Set of Three Quackers $22.50
S1360 Lamp Post  
Not currently Available
D480 Country Sled 4.5"L  Bisque $ 3.90
D595 Toys 1"H  Bisque $6.30
D818 Decorated Xmas Tree (4 shown)   Bisque $12.90
D820 Baby Birds 1"H  Bisque $5.40
D904 Brick and Rail Fence (2 sets shown)  Bisque $8.70
D943 Elf Hands on Hips 7.75"H  Bisque $8.40
D944 Elf Sitting 7.5"H  Bisque $8.40
D945 Elf Pushing  Bisque $8.40
D946 Elf w/mail bag 7"H  Bisque $8.40
D947 Elf Accessories 4"H  Bisque $7.80
D948 North Pole Sign, Pillars and Gate  7"W  Bisque $6.60
Set in Bisque as listed $158.16
D548 Fence Rails & D597-AA    Lg  
Fence Base  Bisque  $12.90

D592-AA Reindeer, Tree and
Packages  Bisque $12.60

D581 Bunnies and Mailbox
Bisque $9.30
D158 A,B&C-F Folkart
Sled  14.5"L
Bisque $19.80
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a msg
Penguin Light 9"
Bisque $ 28.50
AT685 Santa  Bisque $26.53
AT907 Mrs.Santa    14"T  Bisque $22.08
CM2562-JJ &CM2560-JJ
Rudolph Wait and Base  
Bisque $ 25.50
CM2943 Medium Bundle Up
Reindeer  Bisque $40.50
Scarf not included, ask if I
have any in stock and the
K1976, K1977 and K2118
Mr & Mrs Santa with stove
and Kitten   11 3/4"T
Bisque $39.90 for the set
K2156 Starry Night Santa     Bisque $15.18 ea.
K2157  Santa In Log
Bisque $13.11
CM3858 Lg. Retro Trailer
5.5" T x 8"L x 4"W
Bisque $15.90
CM4102 Pickup Truck
4.5"T x 9.75" L
Bisque $18.90
Lights and Wreath On Camper
Not Included And Tree And
Wreath On Truck Not Included
Fre134 Lg Display Ornament 12"H
Bisque $26
CM1251 Boy Christmas Bear

CM1252 Girl Christmas Bear
Reverse side of
CM3394 Sm Candle
AT985 Yule Log Candle Holder
18" Long
Bisque $29.93
CM2562 Rudilph Wait Santa Tree
CM2560 Snow Base 5.35"L
Bisque $27.00 SET
TB183M ( Lights up ) Bisque $58.50Set
Ask for price on light kit  (Tree in
bottom foreground not part of this
TB184H Scenic Front for TB183M
TB199 Nature Base for all TB183M
Cer2256 Noel Letters       
Cer2257 Elves to Noel Letters Set of 4  
approx 4"T
Set 2256 & 2257 Bisque $20.80
See our Bloomer page for
CM408-N Mr and Mrs Santa
Bulb Huggers  Bisque $ 11.10