Angels, Religious, Fairies and Cherubs
G2832 Autumn Fairy
$12.30 Bisque 6"H
G2993 Pansy Fairy
Bisque $12.30  10"H
G3191 & G3192 Large
Garden Fairy
Bisque $34.00 20" Tall
Finished $68.00
G2992 Daffodil Fairy
Bisque $12.30
G2894 Bluebell Fairy
Bisque $12.30
P989 Angel of Love
Bisque Price $15.90
S2877 Angel Frame for 5x7
Bisque $9.30
Insert your favorite
picture, insert a mirror or
even your favorite saying
Dew Drop Fairy on Daffodill   
Color Version or Grey Version
CM3400 Snow Angel
14.75"T x 9.75" W
Bisque $32.40
D1271 Angel Cross
13 " Tall
Bisque $9.30
<<<D363-E Angel w/Square Lantern 9" Tall Bisque $11.10
<<<D364-E Angel with Candle 9" Tall Bisque $11.10
<<<D365-E Angel with Round Lantern 9" Tall
Bisque $11.10
D366-E Triple Cloud Base Bisque 13.5" Long $11.70
D367  Single Cloud Base 7" Long $6.00>>>
D486 -E Boy Angel 9" Tall Bisque $11.10>>>
praying hands or holding
12"Tall   Bisque $28.50
Finished $57.00
12.5" Tall    Bisque  $10.50
DH1607 Winter White Angel
12" Tall
Bisque $26.99    >>>
DH1647 Indian Angel w/ Bear
12.5" Tall
<<<Bisque $28.49
DH1477 Angel for Wreath
or other projects 12" Tall
Bisque $ 14.99
F230  Angel Lantern
Almost 8" Tall (20cm)
Bisque $18.59
Angel basket with
Angel Planter
CM3690 Shimmer Standing
Fairy Bisque $5.50
Bulbs Available Separately
while they last
CM3691 Shine Laying
Fairy Bisque $5.50
CM3479 Conifer Cottage
$12.00 Bulb price
depends on store
B600 Jesus Praying
Bisque $15.00
S2868B&S2869 Cupid Box
with Lid
S2590 Cupid Sitting with
head in hands  Bisque $5.40
Hat not included
Dew Drop Fairies on
S2858&2738 Cherub Wings Up Facing Left Bisque $16.80
S2866$2739 Cherub Wings Up Facing Right Bisque $16.80
S3560 Angel Vase 10"H
Bisque $18.00
S1511 Bethlehem Shadow
Box  Bisque $12.60
S1563 Jesus Insert Bisque
S1512 Nativity Insert
Bisque $5.70
G2777 Lg Angel  "Rare"   21'T X 15'W
Large enough for a Garden or Foyer
Bisque $ 65.00
Finished $130
This angel is large enough that it requires
two people to get it out of the mold
G2741 Plain Angel
Bisque $13.50
Finished $27.00
D928   Boy Angel  Bisque $9.30
6"H   ( Wings are craft supply
wings  Halo is a pipe cleaner)
D882 Pixie Standing 9"H
Bisque $9.30
D881 Pixie Sitting Legs
Crossed  6.5"H
Bisque $9.30
D929 Pixie Sitting Leg Out
Bisque $9.30
D879 Pixie Sleeping 7.5"L
Bisque $9.30
S1740 Cherub Blowing Kiss
4"H  Bisque $5.40
See our Christmas III page
for more fairies and houses
P1027 Winter Angel 9"T
Bisque $17.40
K2885 Male Indian Angel
11"T  Bisque $13.80
G2864 Rennaissance Angel
14"H  Bisque $32.00