Dona's Baskets, Canisters, and Seasons Inserts
D1591 Puppies Inserts
(Set of two) Bisque $7.20
D1538-AA1 Apple Inserts
(Set of two) Bisque $7.20

D1301    Seasons Basket
Uses 2 Inserts
Bisque $21.96
D1602-AA1 Lighthouse
Inserts (Set of two)
Bisque $7.20
D1485 Season Insert
Cardholder 6.5"H
Bisque $13.32
D1454-AA1 Give Thanks
(Set of Two) Bisque $7.20
D2047 Holy Bible Insert
(set of two) Bisque $7.20

D1698 Happy Birthday>>>>
Inserts ( Set of two)
Bisque $7.20
D1727 Seasons Lamp 8"H
Bisque $14.04
This is just the body of the
lamp, it does not include
Lamp Shade or Lamp parts.  
Hole will be cut for standard
lamp shaft.
D1484-AA1 Mailbox
Insert (set of two)
Bisque $ 7.20
D1485 Season Insert
Cardholder 6.5"H
Bisque $13.32
D1331 Thanksgiving
Insert (set of two)
Bisque $7.20
D1339 Winter Holly Inserts
(Set of Two) Bisque $7.20
D1301 Seasons Basket 9.5"H  
Bisque $18.30
D1337 Seasons Oval Box 3"H  
Bisque $9.00

D1338-AA2 Seasons Oval Box 2
1/4" H
Bisque $7.92

D1336-AA2 Seasons Box Lid 7"W
( uses one insert)  Bisque $6.48

D1339 Winter Holly Inserts
( set of two) Bisque $7.20
If you want both, be sure to order
both boxes, 2 lids and two
D1301 Seasons Basket (Uses 2
inserts)   Bisque $18.30
D1351-AA1 Santa Insert ( Set of
Bisque $7.20

D1301-AA2 Seasons Basket

D1393 Teddy Bear Shamrock   
Insert 6"W ( set of two) Bisque
D1336 Seasons Box Lid 7"W
Bisque $6.48

D1338 Seasons Box 2 1/4"H
Bisque $7.92
<<<MD 2245 Tropical Fish
Inset (Set of two)
Bisque $7.20

D1629 Football Insert ( Set
of two Bisque $7.20  >>>>>
D1517-AA2X3 Seasons Canister Lid  
Bisque $5.40

D1518-AA3 X-Lg Canister 9"H
Bisque $16.92

D1519-AA3 Large Canister 7"H
Bisque $14.76

D1520-AA3 Medium Canister 5.5"H
Bisque $12.60

D1521-AA3 Small Cannister 3 3/4"H
Bisque $11.16
Measurements are without lid
Lid is almost an inch high
D1552 Magnolia Inserts (Set of
two) Bisque &7.20

D1631 Baskeetball Insert (Set of
Two)  Bisque $7.20
MD2253 Knitting Insert (Set
of two) Bisque $7.20
Md2254 Scrapbooking
Insert (Set of two) Bisque
$ 7.20
D1756 Welcome Stone 7"W
Uses only one insert
Bisque $11.70

D1772 Butterly Insert (Set of
two) Bisque $7.20
Welcome Rock ( does not
include insert)
D2033 Patriotic Insert (Set of
two) Bisque $7.20

D1797 Welcome Plaque 8"H
Bisque $9.72
D1468 Gingerbread Insert ( Set of
two) Bisque $7.20
D1759-AA1 Hummingbird Insert
(Set of two) Bisque $7.20
D1417 Seasons Napkin Holder
(Uses 2 Inserts)   Bisque $11.16

D1416 Uncle Sam Bear Insert  
Set of two  Bisque $7.20
D1791 a&b Watering Can
shown in two different
colors.  Inserts sold
seperately $37.18 Bisque
D1632 Hockey Inserts (set of
two) Bisque $7.20
D1549 Watermelon Insert (Set of
two)  6"W Bisque $7.20

D1608 Birdhouse Insert (Set of two)
6"W Bisque $7.20
D1534-B Season Clock
13.5"T Bisque $21.24
D1644 Oval Stone Basket  9"H  
Bisque $28.44
D1750 Angel Insert (Set of two)
Bisque $7.20