Dona's Baskets, Canisters, and Seasons Inserts
D1591 Puppies Inserts
(Set of two) Bisque $6.00
D1301 Apple Inserts
(Set of two) Bisque $6.00

D    Seasons Basket
Uses 2 Inserts
<<D1602 Lighthouse
Inserts (Set of two)
Bisque $6.00
D1454 Give Thanks Insert
(Set of Two) Bisque $6.00
(set of two) Bisque $6.00
D1698 Happy Birthday>>>>
Inserts ( Set of two)
Bisque $6.00
D1727 Seasons Lamp 8"H
Bisque $11.70
This is just the body of the
lamp, it does not include
Lamp Shade or Lamp parts.  
Hole will be cut for standard
lamp shaft.
D1484 Mailbox Insert (set
of two)
Bisque $ 6.00
D1339 Winter Holly Inserts
(Set of Two) Bisque $6.00
D1301 Seasons Basket 9.5"H  
Bisque $18.30
D1337 Seasons Oval Box 3"H  
Bisque $7.50
D1338 Seasons Oval Box 2 1/4" H
Bisque $6.60
D1336 Seasons Box Lid 7"W (
uses one insert)  Bisque $5.40
D1339 Winter Holly Inserts ( set
of two) Bisque $6.00
If you want both, be sure to order
both boxes, 2 lids and two
D1351 Santa Insert ( Set of two)
Bisque $6.00

D1301 Seasons Basket 9.5"H  
Bisque $18.30

D1393 Teddy Bear Shamrock
Insert ( set of two) $6.00

D1336 Seasons Box Lid
Bisque $5.40
D1338 Seasons Box
Bisque $6.60
<<<MD 2245 Tropical Fish
Inset (Set of two)
Bisque $6.00
D1629 Football Insert ( Set
of two Bisque $6.00  >>>>>
D1517 Seasons Canister Lid  Bisque
D1518 X-Lg Canister 9.5"H
Bisque $14.10
D1519 Large Canister 8"H Bisque
D1520 Medium Canister 6.5"H
Bisque $10.50
D1521 Small Cannister 4"H
Bisque $9.30
D1552 Magnolia Inserts
(Set of two) Bisque &6.00
MD2253 Knitting Insert (Set
of two) Bisque $6.00
Md2254 Scrapbooking
Insert (Set of two) Bisque
$ 6.00
D1756 Welcome Stone 7"W
Uses only one insert
Bisque $11.70

D1772 Butterly Insert (Set of
two) Bisque $6.00
Welcome Rock ( does not
include insert)
D2033 Patriotic Insert (Set of
two) Bisque $6.00
D1797 Welcome Plaque 8"H
Bisque $8.10
D1468 Gingerbread Insert ( Set of
two) Bisque $6.00
D1759 Hummingbird Insert
(Set of two) Bisque $6.00
D1417 Seasons Napkin Holder
D1416 Uncle Sam Bear Insert  
Set of two  Bisque $6.00
D1791 a&b Watering Can
shown in two different
colors.  Inserts sold
seperately $25.50 Bisque
D1632 Hockey Inserts (set of
two) Bisque $6.00
D1549 Watermelon Insert (Set of
two)  6"W Bisque $6.00

D1608 Birdhouse Insert (Set of two)
6"W Bisque $6.00
D1534-B Season Clock
13.5"T Bisque $17.70
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