Santa's Page
1893 Santa and his reindeer row. 11"L
CM3049  Lg Winter Scene
17.5 tall x 9.75 wide
Regular Price Bisque
Finished Piece $75.00
If you want holes for
lighted Santas, you must
let us know when ordering
Light kit sold seperately
Go to our Christmas Page
to order this item
Finished Santa includes
free light kit
Ceramics In Michigan
K1731-ZZ Xlarge Santa
Greenware $37.18
Bisque $74.36
weighs 185 lbs (thats without
the slip) He must be prepaid to
See our Gare Santa
page for  even more
K2276 Santa w/bag
11" Tall
Bisque $15.30
CM1383 Santa Bear
9" Tall
Bisque $16.50
CM3192-O Mrs.Santa
With Scene
17 "T X 9.5" W
Bisque $37.20
P547 Santa w/ Bag
and Bell
Bisque $17.40
NM1826 Sm Santa and
Reindeer Stack 9"
Bisque $9.29
P768 Santa
with lantern
Bisque $15.90
PCM284 Mr and Mrs Claus
Bisque $
D1147 A & B  Stuffed
Shirt Santa Face and
Hands  Bisque $21.90
frame to mount this on, lt
us know if you need one,
we would have to price
wood and bolts at that
time, they vary.. You will
also need a sweatshirt
B3091 and B3092  Santa in
Sleigh and two reindeer
Bisque $
P646 Santa with tree
Bisque $15.90
P771 Santa with tree
and toys   9"T
Bisque $15.90
with list, lighted lantern
and toys
Bisque $36.00
NM2330 Santa with
Snowman 5.5"
Bisque $8.39
Pinewood Elves North Pole Scene
NM1824 Pair of Santas
Bisque $11.99
NM 1902  Santa
Stack 9.5"
Bisque $9.29
NM1295 Santa with Deer
and Bell
Bisque $
K2067 Santa w/ Bells
Bisque $15.30
P857 Santa w/ Geese
Bisque $16.50
P772 Forestland
Santa 9"T
Bisque $15.90
P895 Father Christmas
Bisque $ 15.90
P855 Santa with Children
Bisque $16.80
P896 Santa w/
Reindeer and
baby reindeer
Bisque $15.90
P770 Santa with Reindeer
and Gifts 9"T
Bisque $16.80
K2156 Starry Night Santa
Scene 12"T Bisque $13.20
D1239 Santa Bloomer  Basket Top
Head w/ Bears 7 3/4"H
Bisque $17.28
D1173 Basket Body 3 3/4"H
Bisque $7.92
D1240 Boots 1 1/4"H Bisque $4.68
Set of the three pieces Bisque
OS1059 French Mask
Bisque $9.00
P1076 Ceramacist Santa
9"T  Bisque $16.80
K1912&K1913 Santa
Holding Deer
Bisque $15.30
BY1267 Santa with Bag and
Wreath  8.25"T  Bisque $10.40
BY608 Santa on Rocking
Horse 7"  Bisque $16.05
CM259 Kissing Santa 8"T  
Bisque $7.80
CM260 Kissing Mrs Clause
8"T Bisque $7.80
Buy the Set for $15.00
BY3094 Roly Poly Santa Top 7.75"

By3095 Roly Poly Santa Bottom
Bisque 1 5/8"
$17.75 the set
BY3090 Sleeping Santa 8.75" Long Bisque $13.88
P291 Santa on the Rooftop 9.5"
Bisque $17.97
Click here to see our other
K2063 and K2064 Santa
with Reindeer    "T
Bisque $
K1947 Three Victorian
Santas  Bisque $
K1787&1788 Scottish
Bisque $17.60
D1226-A Santa & Mrs
Eggspressions 4"H
Bisque $6.00
C2241 Set of 2 Americana
Puffer Santas
Bisque $12.71
G2484 and G2483 Santa
Moon and Base
Bisque $7.50   An
impressive piece to make!
K928 Puffy Santa 8" T
Bisque $12.38
AT685-XX  Lg Santa    15 1/8" T  
Bisque $28.84

AT907-XX  Lg Mrs Santa   14"T
Bisque $25.09
K2157  Santa In Log
Bisque $12.38
one for a while, but a new one is coming in to
K2156 Starry Night Santa (We have had this
replace the one that is getting worn out). The
New one has ARRIVED    Bisque $13.20 ea.
P692 St. Nick 10.5"T
Bisque $15.56
P694 Santa w/child
9 1/4"T
Bisque $15.90
P691 Santa w/Children
Bisque $15.90