Santa's Page
1893 Santa and his reindeer row. 11"L
Lg Winter Scene Santa
17.5 tall x 9.75 wide
Regular Price Bisque
Finished Piece $75.00
Locals want it in
greenware? ?
$17.70 (we do not ship
Light kit sold seperately
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to order this item
Finished Santa includes
free light kit
Ceramics In Michigan
K1731 Xlarge Santa
Greenware $37.18
Bisque $74.36
weighs 185 lbs (thats without
the slip) He must be prepaid to
See our Gare Santa
page for  even more
K2276 Santa w/bag
11" Tall
Bisque $15.30
CM1383 Santa Bear
9" Tall
Bisque $16.50
CM3192 Mrs.Santa
With Scene
17 "T X 9.5" W
Bisque $35.40
P547 Santa w/ Bag
and Bell
Bisque $17.40
NM1826 Sm Santa and
Reindeer Stack 9"
Bisque $9.29
P768 Santa
with lantern
Bisque $15.90
PCM284 Mr and Mrs Claus
Bisque $
D1147 A & B  Stuffed
Shirt Santa Face and
Hands  Bisque $21.90
frame to mount this on, lt
us know if you need one,
we would have to price
wood and bolts at that
time, they vary.. You will
also need a sweatshirt
B3091 and B3092  Santa in
Sleigh and two reindeer
Bisque $
P646 Santa with tree
Bisque $15.90
P771 Santa with tree
and toys   9"T
Bisque $15.90
with list, lighted lantern
and toys
Bisque $36.00
NM2330 Santa with
Snowman 5.5"
Bisque $8.39
Pinewood Elves North Pole Scene
NM1824 Pair of Santas
Bisque $11.99
NM 1902  Santa
Stack 9.5"
Bisque $9.29
NM1295 Santa with Deer
and Bell
Bisque $
K2067 Santa w/ Bells
Bisque $15.30
P857 Santa w/ Geese
Bisque $16.50
P772 Forestland
Santa 9"T
Bisque $15.90
P895 Father Christmas
Bisque $ 15.90
P855 Santa with Children
Bisque $16.80
P896 Santa w/
Reindeer and
baby reindeer
Bisque $15.90
P770 Santa with Reindeer
and Gifts 9"T
Bisque $16.80
K2156 Starry Night Santa
Scene 12"T Bisque $13.20
D1239 Santa Bloomer  Basket Top
Head w/ Bears 7 3/4"H Bisque
D1173 Basket Body 3 3/4"H
Bisque $6.60
D1240 Boots 1 1/4"H Bisque $ 3.90
Set of the three pieces Bisque
OS1059 French Mask
Bisque $9.00
P1076 Ceramacist Santa
9"T  Bisque $16.80
K1912&K1913 Santa
Holding Deer
Bisque $15.30
BY1267 Santa with Bag and
Wreath  8.25"T  Bisque $10.40
BY608 Santa on Rocking
Horse 7"  Bisque $16.05
CM259 Kissing Santa 8"T  
Bisque $7.80
CM260 Kissing Mrs Clause
8"T Bisque $7.80
Buy the Set for $15.00
BY3094 Roly Poly Santa Top 7.75"

By3095 Roly Poly Santa Bottom
Bisque 1 5/8"
$17.75 the set
BY3090 Sleeping Santa 8.75" Long Bisque $13.88
P291 Santa on the Rooftop 9.5"
Bisque $17.97
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K2063 and K2064 Santa
with Reindeer    "T
Bisque $
K1947 Three Victorian
Santas  Bisque $
K1787&1788 Scottish
D1226-A Santa & Mrs
Eggspressions 4"H
Bisque $6.00
C2241 Set of 2 Americana
Puffer Santas
Bisque $12.71
G2484 and G2483 Santa
Moon and Base
Bisque $7.50   An
impressive piece to make!
K928 Puffy Santa 8" T
Bisque $12.38
AT685  Lg Santa    15 1/8" T  
Bisque $28.84

AT907 Lg Mrs Santa   14"T
Bisque $25.09
K2157  Santa In Log
Bisque $12.38
one for a while, but a new one is coming in to
K2156 Starry Night Santa (We have had this
replace the one that is getting worn out). The
New one has ARRIVED    Bisque $13.20 ea.
P692 St. Nick 10.5"T
Bisque $15.56
P694 Santa w/child
9 1/4"T
Bisque $15.90
P691 Santa w/Children
Bisque $15.90