Candle Holders and Votives
D1800 Sm Winter Impressions Candle Holder  5"T     Bisque $10.80
D1801 Med Winter Impressions Candle Holder  8"T   Bisque $14.40
D1802 Lg Winter Impression Candle Holder  11"T      Bisque $18.00
D1743 Votive Cup (one needed for each candle)        Bisque $3.90
D1086 Lace Applique Candle
Cups (set of 2)  Bisque $6.60
D1144 Poinsettia Candle
Holders (set of two) 5"W

Bisque $8.70
D1806 Lg Snowflake Impressions Candle  Bisque $11.10
D1743 Votive Cup (one Needed for each candle) Bisque $3.90
D1198 Stacked Pumpkin
Votive Holder  5"H
Bisque $9.00
D1856 Dragonfly Candle
Holder   6"H  Bisque $14.40

D1743 Votive Cup (one
Bisque $3.90
D1853 Butterly Candle  6"H
Bisque $14.40

D1743 Votive Cup (one
Needed for each candle)
Bisque $3.90
D1618 Homespun Candle
Holders (Set of two) 5"H
Bisque $4.80
DM413 Candle cups  2"T  
Bisque $4.80
D1306 Log Candle Holders
Set of 3
5" to 7" H
Bisque $9.90
CM2153 Three Candle Hats
3.5" to 4.5"  Bisque $
Bisque $20.40
D1144 Set of two Poinsettia
Candle Cups 5"H
Bisque $ 8.70
CM2149 Lg Candle Hat
Snowman  Bisque $26.40
CM2160 Lg Candle Hat Bear
Bisque $22.50
Penguins 5"T  Bisque $16.50
S1203 Poinsettia Candles  
Holly leaves on reverse side
Bisque $15.60 set
light holes are sized for candleabra
unless otherwise requested
Holder  Bisque $
D1887 Cat in Leaf Pile
Candle Holder  6"W
Bisque $7.20
CM1077 Bear with
Pumpkin Candle Cup
Bisque $7.50
Cm1067 Pumpkin
Candle Cup
Bisque $7.50
CM1080 Frankie Candle
Bisque $7.50
D1873 Autumn Impressions
Leaf Candle Shade
Bisque $