D1527-A Ginger Pie Lids 6" Dia (set of
2) Bisque $9.00
D1528-A Pie Pans 6"Dia (Set of 2)
Bisque $9.00
Great for treats or Potpourri.
Ceramics In Michigan
Ro664 Butterfly
Mug 3"T  Bisque
Dishes and Kitchen Things
DM291 Country Coffee Mug
4"T Bisque $ 7.20
DM232 Stacking Mug
with Fancy Handle
DM232 Stacking
Mug Plain Handle
4" Tall
Bisque $ 6.00
Chocolate Mug
Bisque $6.60
C294 Plate 10.25" Dia
Bisque  $15.45
C296 Bowl  9" Dia
Bisque $10.35
B1399 Duck Cracker Dish
Bisque $5.00
A767 Pumpkin Dish/Plate
Penguin Soap Dish
D1517 Seasons Canister Lid  Bisque $4.50
D1518 X-Lg Canister 9.5"H
Bisque $14.10
D1519 Large Canister 8"H Bisque $12.30
D1520 Medium Canister 6.5"H
Bisque $10.50
D1521 Small Cannister 4"H
Bisque $9.30
See seasons insert page for insert choices
and prices, this set uses four pieces
D1336 Seasons Box Lid
Bisque $6.48
D1338 Seasons Box
Bisque $7.92
D1337 Seasons Oval Box 3"H  Bisque $7.50
D1338 Seasons Oval Box 2 1/4" H
Bisque $7.92
D1336 Seasons Box Lid 7"W ( uses one
insert)  Bisque $6.48
D1339 Winter Holly Inserts ( set of two)
Bisque $6.00
If you want both, be sure to order both boxes,
2 lids and two inserts
DM246B Bunny Mug 4"T
Bisque $7.20
"Enamelware-Look" Mug
DM 309B Bisque $9.30
DM77C Plain Stacking
Mug 4.75"  Bisque $
DM73F-J  Fluted Mug  
w/Holly on Stem  
Bisque $ 5.70
DM593 Two-Sided Mug
Ceramics Are Fun
Bring a Friend
DM495B Lg Denim Mug
Bisque $7.50
DM328 Reg Denim Mug
Bisque $
Dm143B Rope Mug
Bisque $7.50
DM33 Beer Mug
4 1/2"T
Bisque $7.50
<<B261 Lg Canister w /Lid
Bisque $55
B262 Med Canister w/lid >>>
Bisque $50
B263 Small Canister w/lid >>>
Bisque $43
<<B435 Country Soap Disp
Bisque $7.50

B436 French Country Soap Disp>>
Bisque $7.50
B898 Traditional Melting Pot
Bisque $10.20
<<B434 Beehive Soap Dispenser
Bisque $7.50

B287 a&b Dripping Jar w/Lid>>>
Bisque $13.02
DM18a Love Mug  4"T
AR631a Lg Ornamental Fork  16.5"T
Bisque $18.76
AR631b Lg Ornamental Spoon  16.25"T
Bisque $9.12
AR614  Lg Ornamental Ladle  16"T
Bisque $8.83
RO735 Milk Mug
Bisque $5.39
RO653 Mushroom Mug
Bisque $6.29
RO721 Divided Holly Tray
9"L Bisque $7.19
RO720 Holly Tray 11"L
Bisque $7.49
RO722 Small Holly Tray 7"L
Bisque $6.29
RO758 Vintage Teapot Clock 8" x 9"
Bisque $10.19
Clock Movements sold Separately
AR871 Penguin Baking
Soda Holder
Bisque $ 7.39
AR774 Brillo Frog
This little guy will hold
your scrubby if you glaze
him  Bisque $7.39
AR945 Mushroom
Kitchen Tool Caddy
Bisque $9.55
AR778 Mushroom Napkin
Bisque $7.98
K217 Whale Scrubby
DM722   Cafe Mug
Bisque $4.45
AT135 & 135a Pitcher and
Bowl Set (Shown here as a
lamp)  Bisque $32.04
8.5"H x 11 3/4"W
2) 6" Dia        >>>>>>>
Bisque $10.50
D1528-A Ginger Pie Bottoms (set of 2) 6"
Bisque $9.00
<<<B443 Heart Soap
Bisque $7.50
AN(AO2100) Double Wine
Glass Caddy Bisque $ 9.89
(Fired for glazes and paints)
By992 Brush or Utunsil
Holder Regular price
Bisque $41.91
SALE $36.00
AR779 Mushroom
Cleanser Dispenser
Bisque $
Mushroom Stuff
RO653 Mushroom Mug
Bisque $6.29
Lotions and Soap Dispensers           Melting Pot
Dona's Seasons Cannisters  (See our Dona's Seasons Page for more inserts)
Alligator Scrubby Holder
5"H  Bisque $17.82