Ceramics In Michigan     Birds and Bird Houses
K2978  Birdhouse Condos 6 1/2"H x
10 1/2"L
Bisque  $11.40
CPI 3146 Racoon
holding birdhouse
9"T  Bisque $13.20
CPI 3151 Gnome
with Birdhouses
17.5" Tall
Bisque $42.90
D1553 CrackPot Birds
Set of 6
Bisque $ 15.30
D1554 Welcome to
Our Nest Sign (Does
Bisque $8.40  
Post may be available
by request if my
husband has time to
make them
K3149 Summer
Birdhouse 5.5"T
Bisque $13.80
CM1661 Set of Two
Bisque $22.20
CPI 3145
Squirrels on Bisque
CM1218 Birds for Log
Bisque $12.00
CM1175 Log
Bisque $18.00  See our
outdoor page for more
Log sets
K3132 Birdhouse Tree and
Bisque $ 22.20
14" Tall (not sure if that
measurement includes the
(Stepping  11"DiaStone)
Bisque $13.19
S1939 Birdfeeder 8" W
Bisque $ 13.50
CE1142 Blue Jay on stump 6"H
Bisque $6.00
Y562 Lg McCaw 17"Tall
Bisque $41.08
CPI 3158 Racoon with
Birdhouse 8.5" Tall
Bisque $9.90
Also see Our Eagles Page
DH2608 Squirrel w Birds 10" x
13" Bisque $26.99
DH1494 Blue Heron 11'T
Bisque $ 24.08
DH1499 Marsh Habitat
Background 13"T  
Bisque $30.68
B4 Great Horned
Owl 12.5" Tall
Bisque $14.37
Base attached
Bisque $
DH1429 Red-Tailed Hawk
11"H Bisque $44.99
M174 Two Owls  4"H
Bisque $7.20
Finished $14.40
M 271-E Bluebird on Log 6"H
Bisque $7.20
DH1472-H Cardinals or
Bluejays  Set of Two  7"T   
DH1413-H Wildlife Foreground
16"T  Bisque $27.38

DH1412-H Wildlife Background
(Not Shown) 13.5"T  Bisque
CPI 3233 Hearts to God
Slab (see our
Rocks and
Slabs page)
Birdhouse Slab
(see our
Rocks and Slabs
K3059-FF Bird Bud Vase
Bisque $ 6.90
K3168 Love Grows Here
Birdhouse  Bisque $22.80
D395-A  Birds 1 1/2"H
Bisque $5.76
sled available on one
of the Christmas pages