What is Greenware?  What is Bisque?
Greenware:  Ceramics that have not yet been fired.  Slip is
poured into a plaster mold, allowed to set up for a specified
amount of time, poured out, let set until partially dry, then
removed an let dry.  At this point the greenware is not yet
Bisque:  Greenware that has been cleaned and fired.
At this point it is ready to paint.  It may be ready to
glaze, depending on what cone it has been fired to
and your glaze specifications.
When is it more economical to buy in bisque?  If you clean
greenware yourself it is not always more economical to buy in
greenware and here is why:

First most shops only charge 25% of the piece for cleaning.  You
will have to drive back and forth to the shop to get it fired.  (unless
you drive a Volkswagen)

Even if you have your own kiln it may not be cheaper to fire it
yourself, heres why:

Our kilns are metered separately and even if it just sits there, we
pay a monthly fee.

You are not likely to fire a kiln load for just one piece.  However if
you buy and clean in bulk, you may save a little.

And our last reason and the best one:  If you buy in bulk, ($200 or
more) you'll save that 25% anyway. You must request this discount
when ordering.

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