Christmas II
K1430 Small Soft Sculpt
Reindeer Pulling 3.5" Tall
K1429 Small Soft Sculpt
Reindeer Scratching
3.5" Tall
K1515 Soft Sculpt Mama
Deer Laying
K1513 Soft Sculpt Baby
Deer Sleeping
K1422 Soft Sculpt Bear
K1388 & K1388-1 Soft
Sculpt Deer Sleeping
K1423 Soft Sculpt Bear Pulling
K1424 & K1425 Soft Sculpt Deer Pulling
K1082&K1083 Sitting Soft
Sculpt Reindeer
K1290 Standing Soft Sculpt
You can paint these in so
many varieties it's amazing!
NM1131 Set of Three Tree Napkin
Rings Bisque  $12.89 for a set of 3  
Extra Large Nativity Set Entire Set in Bisque $232.35

358 Baby Jesus     3.5"x5"                   
359 Mary               9"T                    $15.59
360 Joseph            9.25"T                   $15.59
361 Wiseman with ornate box   11"T  $15.59
362 Wiseman with wooden box  11.25"T    $15.59
363 Wiseman with urn     10"T            $15.59   
364 Angel                       6.25"T          $10.49
365 Mama sheep with baby  3"x5.5"     $6.89
366 Sheep and lamb       2"- 4"           $6.89
367 Camel                  12"L               $20.69
368 Camel with chest (pink blanket)  12"L  $20.69        
369 Standing Camel     13"T x 14"W              $46.79
370 Donkey   6" x 8.25"                              $8.99
371 Cow        5" x 7"                            $8.99
372 Shepard and Shepard boy 11.5"T and 9"T   $17.39
Smaller Sugar Plum Kids
For 3 girls, 2 boys, a Lanterns, a kitten,
a puppy and a sled
Bisque $133.80  Order Complete Set and
save 25%
D690 Holly 6"H Bisque $23.10
D691 Noelle 6"H Bisque $23.10
D692 Nicholas 11"H Bisque $12.00
D693 Sled 9"L Bisque $8.10
D694 Puppy and Kitten 5"H Bisque $9.90
D695 Carol 7"H Bisque $23.10
D696 Christopher 13.5"H Bisque $21.60
D697 Lamp Post 10.5"h Bisque $ 12.90
Larger Sugar Plum Kids
3 Girls, 2 Boys, A Lantern, A Kitten, A Puppy,a punch lantern, a
sled and a Mailbox Greenware $163.55 (local Pickup only)
Bisque $327.10
Finished prices vary with the accessories ( Ask for current

For the purse that Carol can carry, you usually buy a
decorative chain if you want to use the purse

D463 A&B, D461 Hollie 20"H   Bisque $24.90
D576 A&B, D575 Carol 25.5"H   Bisque $51.50
D577 A&B , D578 Chris 23.5"H   Bisque $44.40
D471 A&B Nicholas 17"H   Bisque $34.80
D461,D462 A&B Noelle 21.5"H   Bisque $46.50
D589 Purse (Not Shown) 3.5"L   Bisque $3.90
D479 Kitten 9"H   Bisque $12.30
D472-C Puppy  9"H   Bisque $12.60
D458 A,B,C Large Sled  14.5"L  Bisque $19.80
D570,D571,D572A-C&B  Victorian LampPost 33"H  
Bisque $37.50
D570,D571,D574  Victorian Mailbox  23.5"H   Bisque $33.90
D467 Punch Lantern  5"H      Bisque $4.50
AL336 Bear with Tree
Bisque $8.11
Finished $16.22
D337 Girl w/ book  Bisque $ 12.60
D338-A Boy w/book Bisque $12.60
D372 Base 12" W Bisque $8.70
D371 Lantern w/ holes for pinlights
Bisque $8.70
Set $42.60
Prices for lights, pom poms and music
touch tones vary, they are not included
in the price
Candleabra light kit $9.70
Red Pin lights set of     $
Reindeer fence w/ Rabbits, tree and
mailbox See first Christmas page
for pricing
S526 Church 10" Bisque $9.00
S841 Base  Bisque $6.60
Window film and light set sold seperately
S64 Holy Family 12"T
Bisque $10.80
See our ornament page
for more cuties like
D1242 Nativity Basket
12"H  Bisque $13.20
You can mix and match the parts:
D1250-EE Choir Gown  Bisque $21.96
D1251-EE Girl's Head Hair up   Bisque $14.76
D1252-EE Boy's Head   Bisque $14.76
D1253-EE Girl's Head Hair Down  Bisque
D1254-EE Hands with Book   Bisque $4.68
D1255-EE Hands with Candle Holder Bisque
$4.68                                                     PR2020
D1250 Choir Gown
Bisque $ D1252
Choir Boy Head
Bisque $ D1254-BB
Choir Boy Hands
D1250  Choir Gown
D1251 Choir Hands
w/base for Candle
D1255 Choir Girl
with Candle holder
Votive not included
with bisque but is
include in finished
Finished Votive
style may vary with
D1250, D1251, D1255
Choir Girl with Candle
holder Bisque
Votive not included with
bisque but is include in
Votive style may vary
with availabily
CMJ557 Candle Sconce
(1 in mold) 10"T
Bisque $7.20 each
CMJ559 Flying Reindeer
attachments Set of two
Bisque $4.20
CMJ558 Reindeer
Attachments Set of two
(Please ask if we have  
found yet) 2"T
Bisque $3.00
CMJ424 Sm Tufted Basket 6"W
Bisque $6.90
CMJ425   Reindeer Basket
Attachment   Bisque $6.60
CM 586 Baby Jesus 6"T x 8"L
CM587 Baby Hands and feet
CM588 Animals 1"T x 5.5"L
Set Bisque $21.90
Finished $45.00
S1178 Nativity Scene
S1192 Stand   Bisque
D713 Mantle Clock  8"H Bisque $ 13.20
D688 Mice for Clock 2"H Bisque $3.60
D1333 Standing Deer
Jingle Box 4"H
Bisque $6.00
DH924-NB Victorian Sleigh 10.5"T   Bisque $ 17.99
DH808 Christmas Horse 10" x 11" Bisque $27.39
D1025-B  Mice with Pipe  Bisque $11.40
See Our Christmas III Page for
prices on Santas, Fairies and
K125-O Nativity Rock 10"x12"
Bisque $19.50
DM481-D Joseph, Mary, Jesus, and Manger    9"H  Bisque $14.40
DM482-D  Two Shepard Standing with Sheep   8.5" H   Bisque $14.40
DM483-D  Sitting Shepard, Wiseman, and Donkey  6.25"H   Bisque $14.40
DM484-D  Camel and Cow Lying Down  8.75"L  Bisque  $14.40
DM485-D  Standing Camel  10"L  Bisque $16.20
Dm486-D  Standing and Kneeling Wisemen   9.5"H   Bisque $14.40
DM600 Series Child Nativity
DM55B Creche 13 3/4"W  Bisque $16.44
DM594A  Star 6.5"H  Bisque $8.00
DM629A Nativity Kids  Mary, Joseph, Jesus  Bisque $17.86
DM629B  Two Wisemen, Shepard  Bisque $17.88
DM629C  Cow, Donkey, and Camel  Bisque $17.88
DM629D Wiseman, Shepard, Angel  Bisque $17.88
D1143 Poinsettia Bowl
12"W  Bisque $20.40
D1144 Set of two
Poinsettia Candle Cups 5"H
Bisque $ 8.70
More ornaments on our
Ornament Page Click here
ANC/OS49 Snowhouse       
Bisque $13.83
You will need a base to put
the bulb in, we are working
on designing one now
See Our Holiday Buttons Page for more Holiday Fun and Seasonal Items
Bisque $14.76
K987 Lg Soft Sculpture
Sleigh  Bisque $12.60
D1246 Reindeer Bloomer
Lid 8"H
Bisque $15.80
D1173 Bloomer Bottom
3.75"H Bisque $7.92  
D1240 Boots 1 1/4"H Bisque $
Set of the three pieces Bisque
Opens up to hold your
treasures.  What a neat
way to hold your holiday
C2255-FF1 Joy Bisque
C2257-FF1 Four Elves
Bisque $7.43

C2256-FF1 Noel Bisque
C2257-FF1 Four Elves
Bisque $7.43
Caroler Set Includes
S1356 Base
S1360 Lamp
S1500 Dad
S1501 Mom
S1502 Girl
S1503 Boy
All 6 pieces Bisque $53.64