Christmas III
CM 3478-mn Santas Chateau   Bisque $27.00
CM 3478-mn Sugar Pine Townhouse   Bisque $15.00  
CM 3479 -mn Conifer Cottage  Bisque $15.00
CM3692-mn  Glimmer  Bisque Set of 3 $16.50
Order individually for $5.50 ea
CM3695 -mn Glisten Bisque Set of 3 $16.50
Order Individaually for $5.50 ea
CM3296-mn Santa Set of    Bisque $15.00
Buy Individually for $
CM3297-mn Mrs Santa set of   Bisque $15.00
Buy Individually for $
<<CM3479-mn  Conifer
Cottage 8.25"T x 4.75"W
Without bulbs  Bisque
$15.00 Bulb price
depends on store can always
add them yourself
CM3478 Sugar Pine>>>
Townhouse Bisque
$15.00 8.25"t x 4.75"W
CM3690 Shimmer>>>
Standing Fairy Bisque
Set of 3 $16.50
Order Individually for
$5.50 ea

Bulbs Available
Separately while they
<<CM3691 Shine Set
of 3 $16.50
Order Individually for

$5.50 ea
CM3692 Glimmer
Standing Fairy Pom Pom
Up 6"T x 3.25W Set of 3
Bisque $16.50 Buy
Individually for $5.50 ea
CM3693 Glisten Sitting
Fairy Pom Pom Up
Set of 3 Bisque $16.50
Order Individually for
$5.50 ea

See other pics for prices, these pics are
for color Variation
<<<CM3487 Santa's Chateau
11.75"T x 7"W  
Bisque $27
He525ABC Christmas Scene
with Gazebo  12"Wx7"H
Bisque $32.70
Specify which parts you want to
light up, this one is a bit tricky
to fit the lights