4th of July and USA
DH 2404 USA Plaque Bisque $16.49
We do not have the eagle
attachement shown (2405) However
DH2401 is the same size
DH2400 American Flag 11"x6" Bisque $20.09
DH2401 Eagle Attachment 12"x7" Bisque
D1406 Fireworks Noggins (set of 8) Bisque $13.20
D859 Hands and feet to Fireworks (set of 8) Bisque $5.10
D1407 Uncle Sam Hat Planter 5"H  Bisque $12.00
D1408 Hearts and Stripes Picks 2" (set of 8)  Bisque $8.70
D1409 Flag Bases w/Flags 4"w (set of two) Bisque $7.50
D1411 Uncle Sam Bear Top 71/2"    Bisque $12.00
D1412 Small Stuffed Bear Sitting 4.5"H Bisque $8.10
D1413 Small Stuffed Bear Leaning 4.75"H Bisque $8.10
D1414 Standing Stuffed Bear 6 1/4 " Bisque $8.10
(Please Note D1412 and D1413 Look very similar)
D1415 Little Uncle Sam Hats (set of 3) 2.2"H  Bisque $8.10
D1416 Uncle Sam Bear Insert (Set of two) Bisque $6.00
D1417 Seasons Napkin Holder 5.5"H (uses two inserts) Bisque $9.30
D1173 Bear Bottom 3 3/4"H  Bisque $22.00
D1240 Boots to Bear 1 1/1 "H  Bisque $3.90
The set of three pieces is $22.50 (Flag not included, but if you want one,
I can probably get one for you)
D859 Hands and feet to Fireworks (set of 8) Bisque $5.10
D2033 Patriotic Insert (Set of
two) Bisque $6.00
D1797 Welcome Plaque 8"H
Bisque $8.10
CM1533 Set of Bear with
Flags 5"T  Bisque $12.00
NM1848 Uncle Sam and
Betsy Ross 9" and 8.5"T
Bisque $11.33
S3060 Stars and Stripes
with Eagle (Set of 4) 1.75"W
Bisque $5.40
S3942 Fireman
Pins (Set of 4)  2"W
Bisque $5.40
S3943 Policeman
Pins (Set of 4 ) 2"W
Bisque $5.40