Dogs, Cats, Puppies,
CM1761 a dog
name Fleas
Bisque $18.00
CM1762 Flealess
Bisque $21.00
"Otis" the Sharpie
S1163 Laying Puppy 8"L Shown
as a beagle above and another
one below  Bisque $8.70
S1161 Sitting Puppy 5 "
shown here as a beagle
Bisque $8.70
Dogs and Cats
Y1000 English Bulldog
Bisque $12.90 Shown here
in Greenware.
S1302 Sleeping Kitty
Bisque $9.90
D479 Christmas/Winter
Musical Kitty  9"H
Bisque $12.30 uses touch
tone music box behind pom
pom.  Music box and pom
pom sold seperately
A82 Laying Persian/Fluffy
A80 Persian/Fluffy Cat
sitting up
S2631 Nuturing Dog and
pup 10.5"T  Bisque $21.60
S2630 Nuturing Cat with
kitten 10"T  Bisque $21.60
D694 Christmas/
Winter Puppy 5"H
Bisque $9.90
Seen here in greenware this adorable
Daschund is the size of a lifesize puppy
(almost full grown)
Bisque $10
This Bulldog reminds me
more of a cartoon character
CMJ812 Mop Cat  6.5"T
Bisque $10.35
CMJ13 Three Mop
Bisque $4.83
Lg Schnauzer Bisque
$22.00 almost lifesize
S1123 Kitten Sitting  6"T
Bisque $6.90
S1120 LG Cat Sitting 12"
Bisque $23.40
D1994 Cats that sit on pumpkin or other rounded
surface 8"T also for D1990 welcome rock
Bisque $10.80
S3914 Beloved Pet for Cat Urn
or Memorial Rock 8.5" Long
Bisque $ 16.92
S3915 Beloved Pet for Dog Urn or
Memorial Rock 8.5"Long
Bisque $16.92
D472 Musical
Puppy 9"H
Bisque $9.90
C735 Pair of Siamese Cats
Bisque $9.00
S2795-NN1 Small Shelf
Husky (or Wolf)  Bisque
CM1013 Lg Dalmation
Puppy Sleeping
Bisque $40.50
S2175 Shelf Cat Sleeping
7.5"L Bisque $7.80
S1396 Kitten and Mouse 7" & 2"
Bisque $7.80
S1327 Mailbox w/flag 7" x 5"
Bisque $ 7.80
S1330 Mailbox Stand 6"T
Bisque $6.60
S1233 Country Magnets 3" 5.10
CPI4115-0 Cat with Bird and Flowers
Bisque $30.60
C597 Sitting Cat
Bisque $13.17
C2355 Shih-Tzu  5 1/2"T
Bisque $15.19
S1451 Mailbox  6"T
Bisque $6.60
CM3470&CM3473 A pets faithful love
rock memorial.  You could also put
ashes inside.  Great for cats or dogs.  
Bisque $30
S2794-NN1 Schnauzer shelf sitter  
isque $4.80
S2176-NN1  Puppy Shelf
Bisque $7.20
S2631 Nurturing Dog w/Pup
Bisque $21.60
K904 Soft Sculptured Puppy
S2790-QQ Lg Pug   15'L  
Bisque  $18.90
S2792-PP Sm Shelf Sitter Pug
Bisque $4.80
S2796-PP  Dog House  Bisque  $7.80