Our paintings are painted in
Michigan in the Good Old U.S.A

We do our best to keep things
correct, if you find any errors, it's
not intentional, please lets us
Hoffman Artworks and Ceramics In Michigan
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We have added our Ceramic Division to this website. Some
of the pictures are mold company pictures while we take
more photos and add our own.  The ones that are our own
will have a label in the picture with our company name and
the initials SH in the lower right corner.   Ordering
Capabilities will be coming for the bisque and finished
products.  This takes a long time to import all the ordering
tables, etc.(technical stuff) If there is something you would
like right away, just email me and I will get it ordered for
you.  If you are local,  just facebook me or email me.  
Fireside TeePee  Limited Edition
Original No Longer Available (prints
available) See Gallery 1
Ceramic Bisque and
Finished Products.  
Greenware will not be
shipped its just too fragile
For Artwork: see the
Gallery Pages
Contact us by clicking
on Einstein and sending
us an email
D1621 Papa Puddle Bunny
Bisque $14.70  
D1623 Baby Puddle Bunny
Bisque $12.30
D1818-A Three Polar Bears
4"H Bisque $ 7.80
K2272 Two penguins 2 1/2" Tall
Bisque $1.80
1750 A Column  & 1750 B Base
&1750 C Volute Top  
Pedestal Display
Bisque $62.00
See our Snowman page
D1494 Set of Two Small Cracked
Pot Snowmen 5" T
Bisque $ 8.10  See our snowman
page for more cute snowmen.
G2553 Triceratops